Analysis of humanized website of Shanghai Longfeng Links the

and Links? This to one of the important factors affecting the website ranking is involved, that is the PR value, i.e. page weight. 0-11 is the PR value range, the higher the value of the page of the weight of the high weight, high in the search engine rankings will be very good. So we can understand the relationship between their own website, Links, PR and search engine. The engine as a social search system, our own website as the social system of the individual, the PR value is the social individual in the society, the status of awareness, the relationship between individuals is the link of social system. A social individual to obtain the social recognition, the most effective way is to improve their social status, expand their social awareness, let the whole social system gradually aware of our existence. In order to improve our social status and reputation, will need to improve relations with other social individuals, as far as possible and has been the social system of recognition and visibility of the individual to establish a good relationship, do a Links. Said here will have to consider a link quality problem, the old saying that "Like attracts like. search engine will also Birds of a feather flock together., judging the PR value of the site, the ten rogue said we are good, that our social status is likely to decline, and our social status will gradually increase, resulting in the entire social system approved. Since get recognized by the search engines, our website will be a good qualifying.


, first of all to pay attention to each other there is no record, make friends with a search engine K website is open, enter site:www.XXX贵族宝贝 in love in Shanghai see you this friend recently in the society to show how, if a long time does not appear in the social system, there may be in jail.

below, do Links is the need to pay attention to the problem, that is how we should make friends:

two, in the exchange of links is the need to pay attention to the other side of the link has no iframe framework, there is no ban or browse the URL search engine. If these two conditions, even if the other party with the search engine we also get to our web site. Like to make friends, we must look at each other in the end there is no sincerity, if you just do some superficial then disband. Iframe can be viewed on the website for the robots code, we can add robots.txt in each other at the back, for example www.XXX贵族宝贝/robots.tx>

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er summed up the experience, after I test for a period of time, found that is false. The content requires nothing less than two points, one is the original (of course, a lot of the time we can lay the edge ball, find a good article into typesetting –); two is unremittingly update. As for the chain, there are many methods, which is very important is Links.

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