On the blog ranked first, you may want to know

Hefei Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked

for my blog ranking now, my explanation is this:

Hefei area search "Hefei Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon Er, recently found out that my blog ranked first, to summarize my blog in some optimization and recent changes in half done today, I hope you can find what you want.

Hefei Shanghai dragon ranking

for the first time with the IP website:

1, the website structure

Each word


second: love Shanghai algorithm

I didn’t do what the chain, but sometimes in the BBS to others answer, if my blog has to be able to help others, you can send a links to related articles, this should not be a waste of the chain, at least people, may also stay for a while in my blog.

of each article is hand code out, writing is smooth, so the original no doubt.


3, about the chain

in each drop right comes, I don’t have to check what I am sure inside the blog website, my internal structure does not have what problem. Now give the two times down the right of explanation is:

was right down two times before tossing sleepless nights, not drop reasons right itself, but can not find the right down.

now this time the weight is temporarily stable, right down next time don’t know what time is coming, but I am ready for.

I Hefei Shanghai dragon blog on 2013.8.14, was set up to record my Internet growth path are thinking, by optimizing several keywords about Hefei Shanghai dragon. During these eight months, my blog and forum has experienced two times right down, each time lasted more than a month, pay attention to my friend may find that sometimes lasted for not updating the blog for a month, during the drop in about right, not what the mood to write…………

you can see I use blog template is relatively simple, the code is relatively simple, my article "Keywords", "describtion", "ALT", "title" label code are standardized, within a chain, when the added plus, need not when no any place where there is no accumulation of keywords. The structure for the blog I did not do any special optimization, each place special routine, not to optimize the optimization, because of this extraordinary, in today’s Shanghai times have extraordinary flood dragon.

2, page

Internal factors: When

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