Learn a variety of skills in the practical operation of Shanghai dragon had no effect on how to do

this is not to say, in fact, is the search engine to agree with you, but also need to examine you for some time. That is to say see.

, not tired of nostalgia in the learning website, the forum, QQ group and we exchange, learn these skills as long as before. The future will become particularly good. The actual operation of the process, found that the skills I learned. It is useless. I’m confused. How is this going on? This is for everyone to solve this problem.

: the skills of "art" you understand. Can you not understand the principle behind the Shanghai dragon. And after the logic of their.

Just contact

for example, we all know that the number of users more website is a good website, then the search engine will think is the website traffic of the same type, it should be ranked before, so, we should increase our website to attract people to the strength. So, as we all know, the useful content, to attract more people to come here. So excuse me, what kind of content and is it? What do you think the content is used? Do you think a good article on the condition, also is the search engine that the conditions, you follow these conditions to do that with

practical reason as follows:

Shanghai dragon skills are particularly good, especially in online learning, we often encounter problems, learn a variety of skills, can not see the effect in the actual operation process. How is this going? This is in my group there was a novice friend asked me a question. This reminds me of five years ago when I study Shanghai dragon.


two: then


no matter what we do, we must understand this thing so, what is the logic of the logic of Shanghai dragon? You know the logic of it, we must know the principle of search engine, as well as their intentions, and what is the logic? Search engine is the information that users need to show we have a role, so simple. When the market is only one, then the search engine will not have much logic, have time, competitors at this time, would involve a problem, is to take the most appropriate and useful information to show the query. And these, need a set of algorithms to complete their. Because it is not only to do things according to the conditions of thinking.

well, there is a focus on the. No matter how calculated, it is created by people, there will always be people’s thinking in it. This is the logic of people jump up. That is to say, how to judge a "good or bad, so the search engine will determine how we? How to judge about ten million" good or bad, so that a search engine will determine how. So, before after doing Shanghai dragon, you have to think about if you are, how would you do? Do you think is good skills to stay, you think it useless to throw away.

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