Keywords flow interception refinement complete matching principle to love Shanghai

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complete matching principle, maybe a lot of the early site of Shanghai dragon ER is not very clear, dare to say so, because I have observed true love Shanghai complete matching principle site is really good, so it is necessary to introduce this experience I love Shanghai exactly match the principles of this experience if you can, a little bit of help, I am honored to.


completely in the Google search engine has been the most incisive, do not know if you have not found, you use Google search for a keyword, there is the most complete matching ", so it can be seen that exactly matches the role of it," the same content, if you meet the complete matching principle the search engine, then you get the weight higher, of course, the ranking is better, so it is also applicable in Shanghai love? Love Shanghai has always been a big fan of Google, after the general push a feature in Google, love Shanghai will follow, after all, Google led the global search engine the trend of. That is to say Google led the Shanghai love in a certain sense, so some sex Shanghai owners do not love attention to Google, actually this kind of idea is wrong. For example, the 2011 launch of Google panda algorithm, increase the punishment of foreign chain cheating, then there are actually love Shanghai to follow up, we have found that in 2011 there are a large number of cheating on the chain’s website has disappeared in the sight of us. Said, I just want to tell you, complete matching principle is really important, so I did a little experiment, please see below:


company is a professional production and sales of the sprinkler, of course, "the competitive keywords sprinkler" is very high, we all love in the main keywords ranking competition has spent a lot of effort, but did not pay attention to the use of long tail keywords, which I love the sea promotion assistant did a study by find the word, watering car sales company has daily search volume 120, of course, still have a certain competitiveness, in order to confirm exactly match the charm, I will own 20 days ago in a directory page title with a sprinkler sales company, did not think 20 days later I see love Shanghai statistics, really bring a lot of traffic, the results of a search, my site in the truck sales company of the keywords in the first place and have the license:

would like to clarify one thing, the words I didn’t do any of the chain Oh, do a keyword that exactly matches the index of 120, even in 20 days in the first row, we can see that the keyword match exactly in our website long tail keywords in a ranking of importance. Grasp this principle, you can get more advantages in the ranking of long tail keywords ranking, there may be an unexpected effect Oh!

In fact, the principle of

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