Accurate keywords achievement of network marketing

through accurate analysis and optimization, more accurate by customers to find, to website transaction. What is wrong with the place, welcome to Shanghai dragon friend pointing one or two. The Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon (www.sem001贵族宝贝) original, welcome free reproduced, keep the URL source. Friends are interested can join the Shanghai dragon group: 65710850, Shanghai Longfeng exchange of experience.

three, the use of network tools, auxiliary to find a reasonable keyword



users love to use search engine, then the search engine will search a word in the user, in the drop-down box or related search and keyword related words. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon also take an Internet hot word – weight loss as an example, if the optimal time to lose weight of the word, the words not only too broad competitor and beyond count. In the short term is difficult to go to optimization, and the optimization cycle is very long, the cost is also great. According to the Hangzhou Shanghai dragon thinking, slimming products, this word is more easy for users to think of, but also contains the word weight. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon on the homepage of the keywords can be set up so that Taobao, the most effective and rapid method to lose weight slimming drugs _ _ slimming products list 2011 XXX.

take the women’s word for it, with the Hangzhou Shanghai dragon thinking and extension of these women related keywords: Women’s _ new women’s fashion brand _XX _. The benefits of doing so, can let those who understand fashion beauty, women through the search engine to find better clothing. If there is a Korean version of women, can be placed in a column, because women are included in the Korean women and women at the same time, these products can not be put on the website home page. There is a reasonable distribution of key words better.

Hangzhou Shanghai dragon in the optimization of key words, will consider what kind of keywords is easy to search more accurate customer, identify customer needs website or product. When the general optimization keywords, the number of Hangzhou Shanghai dragon will control key, 1-3 key words for the best. Other long tail keywords can be made in the form of special columns. How to find out the exact words, Hangzhou will talk about their experience in Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon Er is not God, but also rely on the network tool to obtain reasonable words. Like, cnzz, love Shanghai statistics and so on tools can statistics to the daily user access to most of the keywords, so that Shanghai dragon Er can be targeted to optimize keywords.

Through the search engine to find relevant keywords,

, a reasonable positioning website, select the exact keywords.

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