5 arcane flow over 50 thousand easy

SOSO answers: This is a lot of Shanghai dragon in the platform, easy to flow, the practice is very simple, for example: you want to promote the "battle of Losangeles" then you can apply for 2 QQ a QQ number to ask a QQ to answer, here a little attention, ask SOSO it is different from the love of Shanghai know, question and answer, No. It is best not to exceed 2, that is to say whether you are or answer questions are not more than 2, this is my experience out of practice in 1 years. Ask SOSO to do so, one day 5000IP is easy, a few days ago, my article publicity is the temptation to go home, appeared on the front page of the SOSO, a 10 thousand day flow easily.

3: Forum propaganda method: many.

1: the first question, mainly is love Shanghai know, and SOSO quiz, the two platform is a good source of traffic, especially the love of Shanghai know, ranking in the search results is very good, because love is the product of Shanghai, this is not explained. In fact, I think the second SOSO ask, ask for the webmaster SOSO compared to love Shanghai know better to do, because the love of Shanghai know often delete, but not easy to do. Below me these two questions and answers specific practices.

love Shanghai know: a number is only the best 2 questions, much easier to be deleted, ask questions, we must pay attention to the questions, two do not use, to answer the question, can be a no.. The question is the best time to ask a question on a broken net, so as to maximize the not let love Shanghai delete posts, another point to note is that love Shanghai know it is difficult to directly submit their website address, we can use their own things to love Shanghai transit, such as love and collection in Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar. Wait。 In compensation questions with their own transfer address is a very good way, this in practice there are more tips, will do more.

2: blog promotion method: many webmaster in a blog, through the blog to raise their own website, love Shanghai search blog there will be a big push the high weight of the blog, here the author mainly recommended: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and the world. These are my everyday publicity place, and give the weight of love in Shanghai is quite high, take my NetEase blog, a day of IP to tens of thousands, as can be imagined how much traffic the site arrival. When the blog began building the best to send some more popular news, do not have obvious AD such a long time, the weight will be up.

as saying goes "content is king" and "the chain for emperor", I think it is not important, because whether the chain or the content is in order to get more traffic, only more traffic can be converted to RMB, 5 arcane author today especially want to recommend me some more than two years of practice here, these 5 methods make my station IP5 very easily, the following is to introduce.

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