4 of the weight of the grassroots station website how to talk inspirational operation and optimizati

two, the content of the website

has been trying to do some of their own experience to stand out and worry under submission published by many people criticize that is manure and straw articles, but finally summon the courage to the submission, whatever you think is too soft, share the experience also, I just put your true experience summary. I am currently operating site is "80", from the beginning of March this year finally stabilized at 4 weight weight site (3 is the webmaster tools query, query, love station) every day the flow is stable at about 1200~1500IP, it is also by the flow of love is now in a stable Shanghai alliance 20 days or so, a months also have small income in 500 points. Although not much money, but to me, is a progress. This article just want to have been hovering in the weights of 2 and 3 of the grassroots webmaster to share inspirational articles, website is how to operate and optimize, so people can skip the thigh is the.

said Shanghai Longfeng, veterans who have told us that "content is king, the chain for emperor", "the content must be original" may listen to ear cocoon, but really how to operate, few people are willing to the fine said. 80 inspirational network operators also nearly 2 years.

, a web site structure

I said this means, if the webmaster friends is a new website or collection of contents are not many words, must be on your own website localization clear, clear structure, which will do the theme, around the theme to build a website, it is professional and exquisite. Because we are the grassroots webmaster, not like those big stations as both get what cover and contain everything. For example, make inspirational words, through keyword query tool with a high index of inspirational Related words to do the program, or can do more fine point, such as "inspirational quotes, and then around to form the famous professional structure, and can play the advantages of delicate personal site.

to tell you the truth, I’m not love your site now structure, because the first location is about 80 of the article, such as incentive 80 inspirational articles, stories and memories, but after a period of operation, to find a word to flow much more special, "after 80 entrepreneurial story." but to love Shanghai’s ranking is also very good, directly to the first. So a heart on the creation of entrepreneurial story column, increase in the number of such articles…… Get out of order of the structure of the entire site. Then a together with friends in the chain of friends advised me, you must clear positioning, what exactly is 80, or inspirational, if is inspirational, you should focus on to build the structure of inspirational keywords. I think he said is quite reasonable, it laid down the present structure: inspirational stories, inspirational articles, inspirational quotes, inspirational speech. But I could not have been included so many articles about 80 entrepreneurs, so now there was a column called "80 generation", seem neither fish nor fowl.

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