Gold station PS collection to Wangzhuan can not map for studentsDo Wangzhuan novice action is the ke

therefore, many novice friends are unable to make money, mainly because these people are always thinking of a fat person, but extremely lack of mobility. As a famous saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.". Do Wangzhuan is the same, you can only go step by step to success. You know, the most important thing in life is that you are homesick.


but when she went out with us one day, she volunteered and asked us for help. In fact, this taught them things, she has to teach to teach. But not Wangzhuan replication template can be successful. To some extent, it’s not cheating, but the PS student bill has an enticing element in it. Her conscience was beyond criticism, and she stood up to admit it. So, I also have that sentence: "not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students".

4, so that the image differential analysis tool analyzes whether the photo data is in the normal range >

with more and more people join the ranks of various Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, in this forum, a Forum opened in the income. Whenever some people put their own good income paste up, the brothers are all lamented a sigh, both envy and helpless.

in fact, it is a simple matter to determine whether the payment chart is true or to judge whether an image has been PS.

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in a variety of Wangzhuan forum, we will often see ads that are brightly coloured, each advertising as a relaxed day to earn hundreds or even thousands of. In fact, these so-called project is to cater to the new high. In the absence of any capital, the novice most need to do is practice, from practice to find their own shortcomings, to find opportunities for advancement. Remember someone proposes a project, general pattern for the establishment of the station group, and then use the locomotive charging version of the collection is updated automatically, SKYCC marketing software packages and purchase optimization in all directions, when these sites with huge traffic on what to do to make money. Although this idea is feasible, if successfully developed can make money, but every link is needed, for the novice became a layer of smoke and mirrors.

later saw a brother Union’s cash register, which sold more than 1000 of the cosmetics. So quickly he wants help, but he used my way, but also to Post Bar and each big forum posting, but once the post is deleted and he will fill the re registered account. Tired as I am, I make money after all.

2, more professional approach: the use of 32 hexadecimal missing data scanning part of the key parts, to see whether or not IND, used to detect changes due to missing data.

PS collection is not PS’s own drawing, but the PS student’s billing plan and lied to be a student. And then training is just pulling the same forum inside a few people, the impact is not large. But the charge is relatively high. At that time, she and we are all engaged in electronic book bidding, the level is also very high, at least our circle of recognized. Several students are also those who are outside, want to bid, but I don’t know how to get started. She has been silent for a while, and we don’t know about it because the forums are not big, but there are thousands of members. But her high level does not mean that the students who teach are also high. So, only PS false.

1, the simplest way is to enlarge the picture, the general poor point of the PS gimmick, in 10 times magnification, you can clearly see. Compare it with the original picture, such as whether there are multiple images, whether or not there are a variety of colors, and whether the original picture is different or not.

PS "I know you very much! But not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students." This is my 3 years ago with a webmaster do Wangzhuan training dialogue. She has corrected it and became a famous graphic designer in China, and also a good friend of mine. Narrowing the scope here, and my words are "she", then Lenovo has done Wangzhuan training, is the circle should know who it is. Afterwards, she made a public apology and returned the training fee.

in fact, for beginners, want to make money online is not difficult, the key depends on whether you do it. Remember when I first met the advertising alliance, I saw an advertisement to promote free cosmetics. As long as some people applied for this set of cosmetics through their own code, the webmaster could get a few yuan reward. At that time very excited, I thought that this good thing will certainly have many beautiful women to apply for, even if a day to sell fifty sets also made a profit. I have made a difficult time can really do, because they do not know where to go to promote. Say sh419 paste bar traffic is good, so I also ran to join in the fun. Advertising splinters sent a bunch, but has no effect. To the post bar to see, all the original information has been deleted by the administrator. It was very painful, busy for half a day, a penny did not earn, so soon gave up.

3, the analysis of the field color of the artwork, whether it is the original hue, or whether there is any change in the picture.

and the reason I wrote this today is that I saw the shadow of this farce from a website. Honestly, I seldom go to see other domestic Wangzhuan site, in addition to the fixed two or three. The way to understand the domestic Wangzhuan site, and usually make friends exchanges to know the. I get to know the origin of Wangzhuan site, he consulted me of this station is real map collection.

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