About 7 fatal errors of search engine optimization webmaster easy to commit

thank God, you don’t have to spend big price to please a consultant, do not listen to a clip of charlatans, even though he has claimed to have top secret algorithm noble baby. These are used to prevent Shanghai dragon wrong advice can make your site ranking. In addition, because there are few owners will take the time to deal with all these problems, the only solution to them can make your way ahead in this competition.


this is a fact — noble baby ranking algorithm hates HTML error. Errors on your page will let you suffer, make your ranking fell sharply, even though the other content on your site is very good. Unfortunately, the webmaster don’t even know if their site is wrong, because you do not usually in the browser when browsing the web display these errors.

high density (the number of keywords appear with a keyword in your article is no longer the key factor) search ranking. In the past it was common to the keyword you wanted to rank with the entire site, and then waiting for success. But today, the wrong strategy no longer applies, it will hurt your ranking. Why? Because the search engines become smarter.

did not check.

is a good method to find and solve HTML problems is to make use of W3C HTML check free (W3C HTML compliance checking tool). Just enter your website address, the tool will scan your page error and report back, tell you how many of these errors and position errors in the code. This allows to find and fix any mistakes easier, you can safely start to sprint search engine optimization work.

ignored HTML error

not writing content for the human reader

on the Internet, the first page of search engine results is usually considered priceless, hundreds, or even thousands of sites to share the same keywords, but only around 10 can appear in there. More annoying is that we can’t spend money on the first page of the position, can not find to trick – left there you can only find the rankings this way, for those who do not have much experience in commercial Shanghai Longfeng novice is not easy.

search engine, especially a noble baby, is the use of Natural Language Processing (Natural Language Processing NLP) algorithm to analyze the content of the site, and to determine whether this is like people naturally write. In other words, you can identify the nobility baby have deliberately in the site fill keyword position strange, in order to achieve the purpose of the rankings to fool the system. Don’t focus on having your main keywords appear as many times as possible, instead you should strive to create high quality content for human readers, so that you will be rewarded by the search bots.

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