Blog service longer, more it is a kind of value guidance in (a)

blog is not exactly six months, six months you are yourself with things that are used, the spatial data of moving, small to ICO production, whether it is presented to us how the scene at last, I will not say that I try to guilt the. So what is the result? I think different people will have different conclusion, if only from the perspective of stationmaster, I was destined to be a failure, the weight is still hovering on the basis of the flow is like that; but from a point of view to harvest, I do this blog is ultimately profitable, I the harvest to friends, harvest to the idea, also harvest to a value of doing things in my opinion, these things are obviously more important.

web site, simply rely on some fur.

first included the home page, but before long home she fell out. The snapshot is still every day, but is not found. Then find the reasons on the Internet, it was found that this is a slight drop right. Then according to the net, send links, set the keyword density, reasonable drainage, anyway I can use to search the save method. But the effect is always repeated, this update to the home page, the next run Not the least trace was found.. Really tangled, but he is in such a situation, to adhere to the present.

this is expected to be quite different obviously with me, because I always thought that on the Internet as long as you work hard enough, enough to hold, then we will be able to reap success. Just like our job in the workplace, only you can boil so you can mix to a certain position. But later I found that all the time we are not only very strong to win the opportunity, because any one industry can not be used to realize their own value, as one can be said to be a high-tech industry, in addition to stationmaster itself strictly implement force, more important is to have a do stop thinking, at least to understand website technology. Perhaps you will say that I know the original, high quality of the chain of useful sites on the line, in fact these are not accurate, because in the process of operation of website will really encounter a lot of things, and these things are only technology can solve. So, want to simply

? The

blog will have what puzzled


initially do blog can be said to be in order to make money, this is the most pure, because of the network that I was already Master Wangzhuan, monasteries, hope some day in the future to become a member of them, has become a leader in the eyes of others. So I began to buy space, buy domain name, began his long career webmaster. In fact, before I knew at the start of the webmaster, the website is not good to do, want to make money is not so easy, so I also may encounter difficulties in the future to do a lot of measure. So I am not afraid of website ranking is not ideal, the site is not included also never mind, I have patience, I will not believe love Shanghai would ignore me. I never thought I’d ignore me.

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