A Shanghai dragon novice mistake love

three, website content, some friends of the site are original, but he will be on the site just on the line when suddenly increase a lot of content, behind will have to reduce, or even a few days later update a dish, this website is not love love Shanghai, love the sea will think your site is not stable second will think of your site is in the collection of content. This is a new Shanghai dragon the easiest and most often make mistakes.

two, website template, the novice just contact Shanghai Longfeng, more web application is not how to understand, as we do the station is clean, some people will find an open source system, and then in the forum to find a free template to the website, this website is not the love of Shanghai love, repeat too much. So the novice in previous must now with a set of system and template making method.

, from the website and domain name space to start, a lot of people know about the website of Shanghai Longfeng paragraph of time is not what income, so in order to save some former bought a few dollars a month to space, this space, some do not support 301, some do not support pseudo static, of course the Shanghai dragon functions required by our previous don’t understand. In the process of perfecting the slowly found their own little space, completely not meet Shanghai Longfeng required functionality, causing the site rankings late and full-time is not very good, only for the space to slowly restored, so in order to unnecessary trouble we can buy almost at the beginning of a space to do the station, later website ranking up fear not earn money space.

four, outside the chain, are in a confused state for a large part of the chain, by looking at those Shanghai dragon website articles, some articles said the chain to release the high quality, as long as the stability was not can be deleted; and some articles said the chain to send the anchor text form. The chain in the form of URL not what effect. This problem is still not a correct answer, but in the chain, many novice friends will increase instability, add a few today tomorrow will increase dozens, if you are doing this, then the next search engine update your site will be very dangerous, my station is so over, oh.

five, can exchange connection, pay attention to each other website. Some new friends think so: I and others exchange connection is to see my website, as long as the chain and set difference.

we have to say that the strong Shanghai dragon, is Shanghai Dragon strong to let more people know about the Shanghai dragon, know Shanghai dragon. Presumably some veterans have also found that in recent years has increased a lot in the Shanghai dragon novice, and even some IT industry people are engaged in Shanghai dragon, I also a Shanghai Longfeng dishes, but from my contact Shanghai dragon to combat today has more than half a year, I want to share with you today a few mistakes and novice novice do make when love often mistake.

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