Love Shanghai algorithm updates the website optimization how to

" love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm " and " love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2.0" introduction, can see the love Shanghai key chain is on this one, in the detailed algorithm, love Shanghai in fact has rejected all types of links. Remember when the algorithm has just come out, there are owners posting promotional " the chain of useless ". However, the construction of the chain is still in Shanghai Longfeng position is very important, just pay attention to the construction of the chain skills.

: the long tail word, long tail word slimming slimming.

A few days before the

1, the chain of correlation


+ quality has become the two largest construction site outside the chain only index.

Shanghai dragon really like some people want it completely dead? In fact, we don’t feel too pessimistic, since the search engine, will follow the rule of order, how to grasp the rules, how to use the rules will become the core of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization. As a senior webmaster, let me explain some points under his own, and provides some optimization ideas for everyone.

chain, like link exchange, forum, blog, online soft and so on, too much in this article, there is not much to say.


first to provide the general idea: the chain chain + + original, changing them, before this is the case, now or so, just pay attention to details.

, a chain of about

three: shaping other long tail word, such as breast, long tail word long tail word, long tail word body sculpting.

Access to the

: this station contains other relevant individual related keywords, such as what we do is to lose weight > " Beijing

whether we are to obtain what kind of model chain, we must make the link to our website and related topics. I used a detailed example, such as my station is to lose weight. Below I will use the relevant grade classification.

on the Internet to see an article about Shanghai Longfeng optimization dead article, feel. Recently, after " love Shanghai, Scindapsus aureus algorithm " " ", " pomegranate algorithm; love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2.0" and a series of love Shanghai algorithm update, I believe there are a large number of sites in this time of baptism in " ", of course, were killed; along with the optimization of personnel the unemployment rate in Shanghai Longfeng group. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to become the biggest victims of several love Shanghai algorithm update.

The correlation between

four: the removal of other health related long tail word more than three outside.

two: the long tail word, long tail word stovepipe thin face, thin waist long tail word… And so on…

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