2016 2017 Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm summary how to deal with the Shanghai Dragon

following a brief introduction, and puts forward some suggestions:

review we first look at the love Shanghai official 2016 6 algorithm.

is also a source of timeliness of news of the clear blue sky, blue sky blue sky algorithm algorithm came into being; the news hit the source site, the soft selling behavior directory. This algorithm calls the strongest efforts of the world, for the problem of site from grab end, show the end of serial punishment, on the sale of soft paper, directory behavior without mercy.

love Shanghai launched a new search algorithm in the blue sky in 2016, and some of the old algorithm upgrades. Although 2017 has been more than half, but there are still many sites, and there is no time for love Shanghai algorithm update, adjust to the site. Thus causing the site to drop right, included not stable, more serious is directly by K.

Shanghai algorithm update, here I would like to remind the website, must be timely adjusted according to the adjustment of Shanghai love. After all, the domestic love Shanghai search alone big, no matter what type of website, all rely on love to eat in Shanghai. Especially the business class site, classification of information site, once the love of Shanghai included problems, traffic is directly affected by the income decline. Do love Shanghai Shanghai dragon corresponding optimization directly important.




today, we have to count the 2016 love Shanghai what are the adjustment algorithm, how to deal with

blue sky In the face of love


The 6 update algorithm of

analysis suggests that: soft Wen has been one of the main income information site, especially with the love of Shanghai news source site, soft text is one of the biggest sources of income. Love Shanghai for the site have been selling soft blow, but mainly for the sale of a large number of previously published directory, illegal or spam. The blue sky and soft law, efforts to combat the strongest, well-known > is affected at the same time

we can see from the graph, the algorithm updates the love Shanghai mainly from the beginning of the second half of last year, 3, Skynet, deception, ice bucket bucket, ice bucket, blue sky 4.5 4 6 algorithm. Mainly from the "deception bundled with downloads, mobile page user experience, steal user privacy, mobile gaming page charges and other aspects of soft pornography, governance on site. Many websites update algorithm in Shanghai series love gun, there are also some large. In fact, the update for these algorithms, most sites can do prevention and remediation. Although it will sacrifice some of the vested interests, lower income, but in the long run, we can’t let love Shanghai to adapt to the site, only to adapt to the love of Shanghai. The site has a poor user experience, cheat and steal user privacy and other acts of excessive sale of soft site will be search engine eliminated, timely remedial transformation, can further benefit from the search engine.

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