Bing webmaster tools now YAHOO traffic data integration

August 26th report: according to foreign media reports, Bing webmaster team announced on its official blog recently, the webmaster tools has been fully integrated with the flow of data from Yahoo, now Bing webmaster tools can show the integration of data from YAHOO in some areas and report, users only need to visit their own you can find this change account.

in order to integrate data with a visual reminder signs, users will be able to display on these pages on the chart directly see Bing and Yahoo. At present, Bing webmaster tools to support 42 languages. Although there may be many webmaster in addition to the integration of data, also hope to see the contrast between Bing and Yahoo data separately, but this function is still not implemented in the current. (Cnpda)

said Bing flow summary report and web traffic report will be affected, this is how the user may have seen their Bing Webmaster Tools flow reasons for the rise, the relevant data have the corresponding fluctuations in the basis of the two search engine integrated on the data, click data will rise but the actual ranking is not affected. In August, the user will notice in 12 days and 16 days between the changes in the data, and in September will be the first month show the complete integration of data.

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