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good idea could not match the 10 key words can still achieve sentence meaning, so, in the unit classification accuracy, we’d better press the 5 key words corresponding to an idea to do as well, in addition, to avoid something all right a set of keywords! A key to the price setting, a match and this is not reasonable, the consequences of doing so is that you spend more money than others, the harvest is far less than the others.

index is not necessarily high conversion rate, low index not low conversion rate; flow rate and volume is not proportional, to prevent malicious click analysis One divides into two.; and invalid clicks depending on your selection of keywords, to find out what you intend to use this word to introduce people how to dispose of words before is! Let him look away, or let him cry Amoy some money to you, this is a skill

previously: want to spend money than competitors, achieved better than the competition ranking, and to maximize to improve the conversion rate than the opponent must be more careful and more patience, more diligent, every day no more than quality, to develop the habit of data analysis of /p> every day! "

unit if you focus only on the relevance of keywords, then it will increase the cost of writing creative — time and capacity! The reason is because the number of differences in the length of the relevant keywords, which causes the matching after creative description is not complete and the statement does not pass and it directly affects the quality of the symptoms is so! My suggestion is that the dividing unit each plan should be in accordance with the keywords — such as the number of words within 5 words, 5-8 words or phrases or with the quiz type division.

2, love Shanghai – bidding promotion plan and unit division of

finally summary: Shanghai bid to have sex, "

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1, Shanghai – love bidding keywords selection on



promotion plan and unit division directly affects the creative writing, so I think the plan should be divided into two blocks, a push based plan, a subsidiary plan, the main push plans to do around the industry keywords, affiliated to do internal activities planned around. Plan to take the Ningxia gynecology hospital and Ningxia Hospital of vitiligo and cell division, now is the lack of affiliated plans to perfect.

3, love Shanghai – Creative Writing for attention in


for example: I need to do for now the site has two, and Ningxia Ningxia gynecology hospital vitiligo treatment; so for them, in the key making, first of all to be closely linked to gynecological and vitiligo to develop long tail keywords, and the type of vitiligo secondly gynecological diseases as bidding target words, finally, the analysis of competitors I, a rival dismembered refers to dismember his idea, and have to do The students surpass the teacher.

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