The six page denoising method to help you quickly upgrade Shanghai dragon effect

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Iframe or a small university that moment the most love.

denoising is actually not important information in the page content to do cleaning treatment on the web, so as to enhance the theme and content in the contents of the whole page accounted for, in order to make modification or cleaning the content on the page, so Er Shanghai dragon requires a front end technology, at least for HTML, and JS able to skillfully use CSS, if you have independent web page template to edit and change better, the following Xiaobian finishing page denoising method in explaining

page of the CSS and JS if the attribute is not written into the HTML code label to use, all the packaging processing, establish a standard folder in the root directory service, all the CSS and JS files are stored in a reasonable position, and then do the external call in the page code by LINK and SCRIPT, on the A, Shanghai dragon Er early must be provided to the corresponding front-end developers Shanghai Longfeng norms, not to render the page, CSS and JS abuse in the pages of HTML.

on the first point, I think many of my friends are already very familiar with, most of the web page templates are done by means of DIV+CSS, TABLE only under special circumstances will be applied to the page template, DIV+CSS reduced the benefits of code I do not do this, as long as you remember that in use when avoid nested use, otherwise it will lose its role;

2, CSS and JS package

if you have looked at the definition and principle of noise on the page, I think you have to be able to distinguish between the page content that belongs to the category of plate information noise, at this point, Xiao Bian more subjective, not because the understanding of the principle of noise, put on a page in addition to the core content of all link to nofollw, here is mainly to the importance of controlling their own webmaster page elements, and targeted treatment, through the nofollw tag to tell search engines in this template page in those elements is not important, thus save the search engine of computing resources, improve the efficiency of the analysis.

from the shallower to the deeper to everyone!


, a web page denoising principle and function, there are too many to share relevant theories, webmaster friends can easily access to the query, but a specific and effective page denoising is fragmented and dispersed, so the "lost little reptile" finishing a detailed page share the de-noising processing method for all Shanghai dragon er, hope to be able to help more adsense.

4 Iframe framework, the rational use of

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