Expert Ji Shisan line is a virtual social university


Dragon Boat Festival, "good" and "MOOC" college team consisting of "shell" education, moved into a new office. Restroom or capillary wall hair, as posted on the glass door of the butterfly retro map of the world, "the small egg" air purifier in quiet operation.

everything is brand new.


belong to the "shell" education, but the fresh baked "good" obviously with more cross pioneer labels, such as O2O, such as the sharing economy, such as personalized. Ji thirteen also designed for "good" wrote an article entitled "" good "is what? With a shared economy, build a" social university "article" (later published in a "shell shell station" group), this is a product manager fan of the article, it briefly talks about the "in the" products of origin, history and future vision testing / improvement. In June 23rd thirteen, Ji and tiger sniffing Jun a detailed talk about "what is the row broken shell" journey "in the" original shell do? Three months experience of what the future will be how to optimize?


a, now, you can talk with the industry experts to field depth

in a nutshell, the primary project is being observed in the "laboratory", if the project shows good potential, which was put out a separate development. One of the most successful is the "MOOC" project, it makes the shell network get a good strategic investment in the future.

"line" is another broken shell out of the project, the purpose is to solve the existing search, community and other network channels can not meet the needs of personality knowledge paradox. Unlike the MOOC "one to many", "good" project is to make personalized experience sharing, the main one, face to face communication mode, which is a short time quickly a large amount of information exchange.

here, Ji thirteen talked about the line model, operations and other issues.

to persuade colleagues to do the line, Ji thirteen COS a science and technology reporter

September 2014, Ji thirteen proposed to do in line, did not convince colleagues, so he imitate the tone of the reporter to write a scientific report to find the feeling. Which proved effective: from the year 9-10 month a month online, produced 50 single real transaction.

"line" on March 2015 officially launched, the service scope is only limited to the deep North of Guangzhou Hangzhou Wucheng, next year is expected to expand to three or four line city. Ji Shisan said that they may be a pilot city of Guangxi, Nanning, experts and whether the proportion of students, whether the demand is strong, will be here to get the answer.

experts and trainees: from where, where to go?

whether there will be experts interested to participate in this is the "line" team on the line before the most worried about the problem. But the actual situation is much better, the first version of the line there are a lot of people to apply, just start >

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