Right by the way of thinking of Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment thought storm

5 tracking "good working atmosphere is very important in the" Shanghai dragon who knows, Shanghai dragon algorithm only constant.

1 "to stand by careful, the establishment of the central idea of Shanghai dragon industry, first of all you need to establish a central idea, and tracking assessment to understand the industry effect, feasible thinking has Shanghai Longfeng, found himself with the wisdom of Shanghai dragon philosophy intelligence work. Learning initiative, internal, external, add the content of the website originality, about the quality of the chain, the number is secondary, the quality is the main, to know all the accumulation is to wait for the arrival of quality, love Shanghai love is of high quality optimization.

in the current network business trends to a trend which cannot be halted, success is not easy, since success from correct ideological guidance, there is such a word: "the right of the philosophy of" "after" is the same principle, the "right" time is the personnel change, so is the Shanghai Dragon venture look, right by the way how to enlighten the thought of storm, you open the Shanghai dragon thinking library.

2 "in the right decision form, right in the" intersect each other, learn how to size up the situation, establish the core keywords, benefit by mutual discussion, the correlation is the primary factor, established at the beginning of the first to meet the theme, is closely linked, with the content of the website to find intimate; secondly with wisdomsjudgment heat value only; finally, don’t forget your purpose, to improve the user experience, behoove you to consider the user search keywords, is the core of your close to the user.

4 Zhi Jing Da Quan ", adhere to the principle of eternal invariable, with changes in

once we didn’t believe that the Internet can create so unreal abstract value, but both Ma, Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhaoyang and a number of first use the Internet to get rich quickly and create wealth myth as an example, the network business will become a craze swept the ball.

3 communication principle "to grasp the" right right Sherburn, not used to maintain overall. Shanghai dragon also need the wooden barrel principle, contradiction in dialectical analysis of the relationship between the whole and the part in the law also in the same way in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon website weight is very important but white, don’t spend a lot of effort to tangle in a key word, even if you do go up, it is at most a single page to do the best, of little value to the entire site, only in vain may even be mistaken is suspected of cheating, so to lose is The loss outweighs the gain..

Although the

algorithm of search engine is changing people really do not know, but Shanghai dragon also has its invariable principle, more original content, Title Novel well within the chain, don’t do keyword, link anchor text, to present the user a clean and clear eye-catching page, continue to do the optimization of these every day after the update, to change the law to adapt to the changing rules, it will be able to achieve up to the status quo of the law.

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