Shanghai dragon battle how to please the search engine rankings

optimization is the key. No matter what the industry Web site, key words are matched to each industry. While the target keywords is often the user search keywords. Is the target keywords selection is the key site traffic. Keywords first target should be associated with the theme of the site, site related products, users search habits, such as skin care products, whitening, acne is the target keywords obviously, such as weight loss slimming, but certainly not suitable. Therefore, we must first be a good website, go to mining.

Shanghai dragon in the link and the content is always in an important position. Content is king, the chain for the emperor but although a commonplace talk of an old scholar, although trivialization, but wise remark of an experienced person, must pass through the way. Because love is always pay attention to Shanghai Google, original content.

is the site of the first feeling, the site layout is a mess, even if love Shanghai spiders do not mind, but will not give users a good experience. But if the site layout is messy, everywhere is filled with SWF, does not describe the pictures, flash and other documents, is not conducive to the spider grab information, and how to please the search engine? Therefore, a Shanghai dragon friendly website optimization, the home must be neat layout, the structure is clear. And home has given a lot of spiders can crawl information website internal website will link to the home page.

want a station in long ranking fell in love with the sea and stay in the original content please love Shanghai is essential. Therefore, on the contrary, some of the original site for the collection and love Shanghai will give very low weight, even some of the site will be K It is without rhyme or reason. The noble baby for the original phase >


server is the root of this site, leaving excellent space on site optimization. For the choice of space webmaster experience is very rich, the primary consideration is stable, then the most important speed. These two points will affect the judgment of the search engine on the web, so excellent in space is an important step in Shanghai dragon. It is reported that the well-known IDC China nets recently launched a series of U.S. server concessions, with excellent stability and speed of the server in the awesome webmaster Shanghai dragon road.

Keywords Keywords

as a webmaster, do Shanghai dragon in the process, what factors affect the website operation? Shanghai Longfeng process is in fact please love Shanghai and Google. Content is king, the chain for the king, who will say, but the influence of the factors, is still out there, not fallen in love with the sea K, is to enter the Google sandbox, Shanghai dragon which details need to be cautious about

mining competitiveness depends on Shanghai index of first love. Through the love of Shanghai index address: index.baidu贵族宝贝, view a keyword. If the index of hundreds of thousands, is to have the market hot words operational value, but to optimize the home page ranking has some difficulty. Therefore, choose some competitiveness of small long tail keywords optimization to the home page, and then tackle popular keywords, a step by step.


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