Some of the views of the new line search engine included

site command must be very familiar with, and the domain name site colon can query to your site included in a search engine, the general said included more recognition on the website of the search engine is high. The amount included owners are very concerned about their own site, in the new line may soon site will have no result, or only a few pages of the few. The owners are not too concerned about, after a lot of time "is included is not immediately appear in the site results.

I have seen many group of friends in the group discussion inside, said my website on-line long, still don’t love Shanghai website. Among them, with some even complain about the resentment, in fact it is overrated. So, how should we ensure the line on the website before and after, love the fastest Shanghai website? In fact, the answer is very simple, as long as we do content can, of course, content is not very casual, the best do not reprint, there is no way to carry out the two pseudo original editor of the article, if we can start with the original it is best to support content.

3 update should link to attract spiders to crawl content

2, site


above is Chongqing Shanghai dragon wise remark of an experienced person, as long as do the details, we hope to help. Here is to share the happy thing, Chongqing Shanghai dragon site is 2011-11-2 on the line, just before the release of some pages did not release the home page, the page snapshot is 2011-11-5 released the day before the anniversary ^_^.

here is the search engine spider search, the spider will follow the external links to be climbed into the link page, and crawl on the page. For this, I would like to suggest is to update the content in the webmaster, (after the proposal is original content) is the best post to the same type of relatively high weight website, and leave hyperlink, attract spider to your site, successfully grab the content on the website, usually an article reprinted 5 times the number of suggestions the above is good.

please indicate the original article reprinted from Chongqing Shanghai dragon website optimization, this paper address: 贵族宝贝

believe that many webmaster have the same problem, the website officially launched after the bitter days do not love their own home in Shanghai. To solve this problem, I want to talk about my own views and opinions.

is not equal to no results not included


1, the new site will not immediately included

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