How to improve the comprehensive ability of Shanghai dragon Er fast


how to write a soft text, how to increase the readability of the article? When you see a strange question about Shanghai dragon, not because of strange, will not go on, because a good soft can be born in. So, when I see a strange question, I always want to study together and put forward the problem of users, in the course of the study, you should learn how to analyze, in this way, you will slowly improve their analytical skills, the readable, resulting in soft paper driven analysis the author’s ability and improve.

in the absence of written text, thinking has been in disorder, is not clear, no organization, this is actually very misleading. If you have an interview, the examiner asked you a question, your answer is scattered, or do not know where the answer, it is a tragedy; when I learn to write the soft, it would be better, said it was reasonable, clear thinking, including in dealing with some issues are more disciplined, that is to say write text can improve the pass rate of the interview.

stationmaster net requirements now increasingly high, so, you must constantly innovate continuously found. This requires you to keep pace with the times, constantly learning. I usually come to Shanghai to find some dragon blog write soft inspiration, this is the best way to learn Shanghai dragon. When I see others Shanghai dragon blog article, there may be a new idea, or meet someone who does not understand the knowledge, the author will further comment let other people to help him solve the problem, so I don’t think I don’t know a small step, slowly I feel Many a little make a mickle., Shanghai Longfeng professional level has been greatly improved, and solved at the same time, the author has written the soft material, this problem is common may often make mistakes, write it down and share with you, so I help process soft records to learn professional knowledge in Shanghai dragon.


3) er analysis of Shanghai Longfeng soft to improve the ability of

5) to improve the soft Shanghai Longfeng Er confidence

The author thinks that the soft

1) to improve the soft copy editing ability of Shanghai dragon Er

can effectively improve the comprehensive ability of fast, Shanghai dragon Er why? Here in my personal learning for some cases of Shanghai dragon harvest to share with you to write their own soft wen.

Because of the soft

was first built in Shanghai dragon blog, is the main method of soft Wen promotion, blog to update every day, the soft to write every day, the editing ability certainly very quickly improved. Soft Wen promotion to update the blog and shoot two hawks with one arrow, namely to blog for promotion, greatly improve the working efficiency, the lazy webmaster can try the promotion, the chain of high quality, not all day to the forum.

4) to improve the soft Shanghai dragon Er logic thinking

2) to improve the soft Shanghai dragon Er expertise

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