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to buy things I think after reading the customer service, the user also has the problem of customer service.

is an excellent content, must collocation some related content display, making it easy for users to do further reading; the latest reading, recommended reading allows users to open up more channels of reading. Including related content, hot reading are on the user after reading the perfect customer service service.

?I usually look for

attention to the needs of users, to seize the user needs, let users lost homing.

content, using two kinds of methods: through related words, love Shanghai, extending CI looking for hot topic, or know about the topic of love by looking for users in Shanghai, the topic is love and care about the contents of the user, how can such a theme, through content users can elaborate the love? Method: two! Use the competition website, find other keywords, find the long tail keywords they need, make the content on these words, it should be said that this is the quickest way to refine the content of the method, we can try.

user structure determines the content structure, the first step in content structure reasonable user experience.

love Shanghai determination of the weights of the website with complex logic, but the starting point is essentially the user experience, user needs and feelings. A user lost website, reflected in the bounce rate is high, the number of PV is almost equal to the number of UV, so the website and the user lost how to do

article from jade 贵族宝贝zgyushiwang贵族宝贝 small, A5 first, reprinted annotated source.

three: the user read customer service service

know how to find the right direction, the content of


lets the user must first understand the love of our users, such as the website, users access to the site 60% is to understand and learn the knowledge, 34% of users for industry practitioners, such a ratio determines the website content, knowledge content accounted for 50% of the proportion, the content that what * * * *, how, how * * for the title, help the user to answer the most basic questions, summary of the common methods to resolve the problems of industry. About 40% of the content for the industry news, industry products, it can basically meet the needs of users of the site more than 90%.

: according to the contents of


two: find lost

allows the user to read the contents of the website is to value the most basic embodiment, extending after reading is a manifestation of a mature website.

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