Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

Ali rivers announced plans to invest 2 billion yuan to support mobile entrepreneurs

[TechWeb] July 16th news reports, the Alibaba mobile open platform Ali announced the "1 billion rivers, will provide venture capital +10 billion loan", used to support mobile applications of entrepreneurs.

rivers conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong announced that Ali will invest 2 billion yuan investment to support the developers, to help entrepreneurs to seize the great opportunities of Internet business reconstruction. Ali Baichuan mission, is let the world is not difficult to do, the years of accumulation of infrastructure providers to open up, to share with the entrepreneurs, the wireless open ecological symbiosis.

2 billion yuan venture fund

Ali rivers in the 1 billion yuan for the outstanding entrepreneurial team to provide investment funds, short-term loans provided by commercial bank and 1 billion for entrepreneurs.

at the same time, a collection of Ali group’s many resources in one of the upcoming business camp. All responsible person Zhang Kuo said, the entrepreneurial business plan annually held three period, each 100 days training time, the estimated annual entrepreneurship camp can produce more than 10 valuation of the 30 million angel project, 25 under the age of 25 outstanding 90 entrepreneurs.

products, all day Ali released a new "Ali rivers Yi 1 products. Zhang Kuo introduction, this is a service life for entrepreneurs to provide a full range of solutions from infrastructure to business products.

in addition, the program will work with the ant gold clothing, open sesame credit to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will be able to provide different levels of service based on the consumer’s credit situation sesame.

in addition, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen Ali rivers entrepreneurial base has been built, the other provinces and cities entrepreneurial base is still in preparation. (rain)

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