The love of Shanghai startling step by step website snapshot not update

website recently optimization more recent paper

Through the above data show that



love Shanghai snapshot not update the consequences will be grievous



optimization personnel data extraction that snapshot site in November 23rd last year before the end of the previous year to (for this site is not normal), after November 28th website next update, December 23rd snapshot stop in December 22, specifically not to say, look at the data, if you, if you still live in hold:

Two love Shanghai plucking website

as a reader and you will have the same idea: "the snapshot deserves to be stopped, the website’s own website traffic due to the implementation of simple structure and the increase of the chain optimization means gradually increased, visible website were not love Shanghai right down, but as Links they don’t want to cooperate, so the cup appeared, a large number of sites Links removed, so the amount of links from once fell in love with the sea to calculate the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate.

Links suddenly a lot do

K server is mentioned in the article ranking has been restored, this makes the tight mood has a bit lax, in with the joyful mood when checking another website data, is Links in a blood red "chain" several characters of gas was 3 pounds when hematemesis really spoil the enthusiasm.

was going to talk.

station is a medium-sized site, website article data in 40 thousand, the first page of the anchor text layout in about 300 days, a single log has more 40M, for such site update should be at least 50, according to the relevant personnel of the station optimization update is not stable, there is already a year never updated the station in November last year before 23, 23 after the update for a few days and stop updating, began to update until January 6th this year, to 11, and stop updating, and each update is very small, just outside the chain from the beginning of November 23rd last year has been updated, although a very small but at least stable.

recently updated snapshot of

website snapshot stop a few days later related optimization officers found clues start the update of the original and the chain is closer, but the update is hardly included, the spider climb take is that old data, said they encountered such a situation to calm, insist, but facing the large amount of Links removed if you hold live in the same day the connection was removed with a snapshot of complaints, second days up to the original snapshot update and Links webmaster want to lost links, it removed right down the crisis, of course in any optimization schedule, so I suggest stop updating the snapshot in more than 5 days can use love Shanghai complaints.

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