The website of Shanghai dragon cut the Gordian knot an antidote against the disease diagnosis

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generally speaking, the site has been K, mostly in web content acquisition, the chain is not high quality or a short period of time to increase the number of spam links, keyword stuffing, buy black links, the server is not stable, the station group of cheating or by Links implicated could all have the punishment of the search engine. These are the most common, but the specific circumstances of each site is not the same, this is due to the different stations, but anyway, must as soon as possible to find their own web site problems, then one modified to cater to the search engine rankings have preferences, want to flow, to bring order, it must take hold the search engine’s preferences, grasp its essential stomach.


Standers-by see more than gamesters., Shanghai dragon diagnosis Gordian knot


whether we are in the forum or quiz platform in some, will see many webmaster in their website to ask all kinds of related problems, such as: Daily website ranking has been unsatisfactory, the site snapshot back or stagnation, the website included little more website directly by love Shanghai or Google to K. This is the most, let these small webmaster worries, but also helpless, after all search engine is not our home open, therefore, many owners think only trampled a. But is this really the case? Do we really have no fight back, holding

for the webmaster hard maintenance site is K overnight, back before liberation, looked at her carefully take care of the child is the punishment of the search engine, believe that the webmaster must be worried. But do not critically ill patients, must be very calm, very calm and find out where the K site is the reason. If your site is unfortunately by the search engine to offbeat, perhaps we really need to improve in some places, do not good enough, or some optimization measures and too late, so there is, therefore, we must find their own reasons, for the cause of an antidote against the disease.

as the saying goes, Standers-by see more than gamesters., our web site problems not, others can see however ourselves is not always clear where their own reasons, to find out the cause, then, we should turn to the third party, something special to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service people help us to cut the Gordian knot, when the site problems timely solve the problem. This is the most beneficial to our website, especially some of the more obvious manifestations of foreign trade site.

find the reason from the site itself, avoid styled

network is full of a variety of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, but can really trust and a few? Really will start from our own interests and less and less, but fortunately A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team launched a service (Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization Shanghai dragon.Admin5.> 贵族宝贝

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