Five important label title and description use principle and application methods

is recommended

(two) title page writing principle

Optimization of Keywords:

: home page HTML tag

middle core (high degree of competition), the long tail word (2-3) + site name;


A. suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise website;

C. title between the vast majority of the site.

: the long tail word (2-3) + site name;

1.: product marketing website keywords and long tail word (2 – 3) + site name (or name keyword combination):

2. website according to their own situation to determine the name of the web site and the combination of keywords, website name + name + site keywords, keywords;

6. important keywords in the beginning of the front position;


2. information portal, the sharing of resources, such as flow type website;

According to the

write the 2.title tag has two extremes:



A. writes only the website name or brand name and advertising language — most conducive to establish a brand image, but is not conducive to the optimization of the key words, common in the famous website, portal website and some new sites, not Shanghai dragon website:

1. in general, should be combined with the title home page web site name and keywords;


5. no longer than 30 Chinese characters, and the shorter the better;

(a) the importance of the title tag

Between the two extremes of

7. is recommended English "," ____" ", underline; do separator, can also use the" 1". (a ranking of the keywords in the title, some

1.title is involved in the ranking, label the most important elements of

(four) other matters needing attention

B. write only keywords, target keywords — most conducive to keyword matching, but not conducive to establish a brand, a certain degree of damage to the user experience

3.title contains keywords heat is good, the index should not be too low;

: site name + post core keywords, long tail word (2-3);

4. team website keyword competition weights;

B. – can all use the long tail word;

no special reason D. marketing Station, should maintain this state;

C. with the weights of the website can be improved, the higher the heat, a higher degree of competition;

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