Decoration industry website optimization diary from the railway station to the Shanghai home of love

website optimization for more than half a year, the middle is 16 years to 17 years at the beginning of January 12 at the end of that time, included suddenly from 1600 to 1, ranking is also nothing, even their own brand is also not found, it was not forced, so to look at the forum, found that more than me in this way, many sites are inexplicable off, off record ranking, finally put this love as the adjustment of Shanghai, but in January a month holiday, so it is not for him to work in February, found it gradually came back, and there is a growing trend, ranking also gradually come up, in the process, do what? Said a little bit;


This is not to say the


in the attached two Zhang webmaster tools

decoration industry websites, can be divided into two kinds, one is the platform websites, such as "Tuba rabbit, flush mounted network" and so on, is a decoration company website, I optimized the decoration company is love Shanghai ranking, so that the decoration company website;


website title to write longer, keyword write too much, easy to make the theme of the site is not clear, love Shanghai judge page, mainly through the title, to judge the attribute of this page, that your site is doing, to account for

in the title Modify the title and description of

Webmaster Tools data and real data, but can refer to the domain name, here since the beginning of the record, and the site has some problems, rework modifications, officially put into use in 2016 September, the day to forget, because I have never done Shanghai Longfeng work table, what included, ranking these information, I no records;


with a phase data love Shanghai webmaster tools (data for 30 days);

see an error case


mosaic is the brand name, not show, so I took, like this, is prone to Shanghai dragon beginners mistakes, is all to the optimization of the key words are written on the title page.

Some access

love Shanghai webmaster tools above to the statistical data is very accurate, and click on the show are real users search results;

I am responsible for the company’s website in the decoration company Shanghai dragon optimization and SEM account, only the Shanghai dragon, this site is I have been to the optimization to the main keywords love Shanghai ranked in the top two pages from an early stage of building, why not say home, because the main keywords are home, there are second pages, and a large number of long tail words, on the front page of


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