Examples witness the love sea Zhibo network second article

seconds is all love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er are very willing to see the ideal snapshot of the optimization results, the second web content to some extent reflects the love of Shanghai search engine for their website weight, that how to realize the love of Shanghai second website content, the network with its own website ZBO the second method to share to everyone:

3.: site map site map is an important channel of the spider crawling, generate the site map is one of Shanghai dragon Er will do the work of a site map and guide the search engine spiders can grab more smoothly to update the information of

first look at the sending time of soft 7:32–7.45

look at love Shanghai: snapshot query query time: 7.:49 time interval 4 minutes

three is more than I love Shanghai summed up the second article, all I do, I hope you can get help, if there are different views that they can add my QQ:858777616 QQ group: 49869887 to exchange, exchange links.

from the Shanghai love a snapshot of the results clearly see the article by Shanghai after the second love, love Shanghai a snapshot of the time interval and the transmission time interval is similar, that how to achieve this ideal effect!! here I’ll combine their own website optimization experience and share with you:

1. timing push soft Wen: every day I was 8.30 before the release of the soft, and the number of fixed time, lasted about 1 months or so, the love of Shanghai began to increase the degree of concern, send the soft start is a large collection, until every day to send the article is the second

2. the quality is higher than the quantity: the quality of the soft directly feel love Shanghai search engine to collect information recognition, recognition of the increased number and the number of the crawling spider crawling will rise, if the quality is not high, according to my observation even was collected, it will be a big update in Shanghai big cuts the low quality of the page, such exclusions is certainly not conducive to ranking.

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