Five core to help you from Shanghai dragon to the real network marketing

three, the website qualityPersonality quality like "

?Link control

, a web siteThe basic configuration of the

please don’t miss the "love" opportunity, so it is necessary to design your website from the whole architecture represents an individual form, page design represents the aspects of morphology, structure of the web site from the user’s browsing way to consider different types of Web sites may be different. The user browsing officer, so when you design a website at the beginning should be the main groups of people on the web site to do the analysis, we evaluate the site to keep people’s character, do for their browsing. When you browse position, we need to evaluate the interest of the user, the page image and multimedia should be designed to meet the user’s appetite, just like love, how to love "out of character"

?The content of

site including the configuration of the server, from the perspective of the user experience, if your site for more than 5 seconds, so in the user’s mind the image of the site has been compromised, the first eye margin missed that you have lost the first experience to retain customers, with the concept of love is "first love", "love" is the most memorable, go to the end of life from the first is the perfect embodiment, thus ensuring the site access speed is you want to through the base Shanghai Longfeng network marketing.

link to the site layout is divided into internal and external link, internal links as you all the "skill" in life, through the control of the chain to reach the user viscosity effect will be the best, just like you can cook to keep the other stomach, you can observe the face to keep the other, you can make money to ensure each other the quality of life, you have to keep each other in the same mood of humor. Have a first thought, lianhuanji strategy, the form such as novels, especially in the chain. The chain of life such as unexpected surprises, the occasional patty, the stage of tourism, short separation can taste, so is the chain, do not need too much, the quality is.

from Shanghai to Phoenix network marketing is not easy, intense competition against the Shanghai dragon different means of operation, also led to the lateral Shanghai dragon industry chaos, but if you want to network marketing road, Shanghai dragon is one of the most effective means of operation, so how to real marketing from Shanghai dragon so, hold five points will make you more sense of direction.

pagesThe "first love" in

‘s love" in the assessment, even if you have a "love" opportunity, it may not be able to finish the "love" of the process, so is the site from the user point of view the content of the page design, won the "first love" in your " after "opportunity, let love from the user experience, experience, the actual exposure to your good nature, for the user to worry is not up to the Shanghai dragon ranking can not achieve the effect of network marketing

two site architecture and design of

The basic configuration of

four, website

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