The content in the chain chain + + joint force to make your site to be made quickly


2. do within the chain we will stand inside the strong correlation between the content of connected together, so that you can.

fast included?

website is the most fundamental to our website owners of these requirements, even if the color do their own websites, content to attract people, the website was not love Shanghai, Google included, that is white then output! What should we do to make the website is

. Two.

. Content is king, to lay the foundation for the long-term development of

site within the chain is built to be used with caution, to use

website online, the first thing we should do is try to make the website content, distinctive popular search engine, because we all know that Shanghai is in love, it is a long time will not change the conclusion, whether love Shanghai reform how to update the user which is a constant theme. But the content of the construction also need skills, after all, we want to achieve their goals in the shortest time.

must pay attention to the construction of the chain, because search spiders crawl site content, is based on the link inside the URL to grab new content. But some webmaster focus only on the construction of the chain, the chain construction is concerned about or is not a little tricks, even though the chain construction is booming, the chain can not suck in a short period of time to make their sites to be included.

2. for the new website, "deep, not static will make the collection difficult. The content of the website to ensure that a plateau, the only way to be search engine friendly, so the website weight also went up, the article included the time required will be greatly reduced. But on the web content, can be combined with the current news, so easy to bring traffic, ctr.

1. regularly update the content, such as regular daily published articles, or every few days are updated regularly, after a long time of update, the search engine will determine the renewal rule of the site, so the site will be updated during periods of rapid indexed. To update the article when love Shanghai updates, so you can easily see the website on the day of the snapshot of the situation, the article will soon be included, the general love of Shanghai will be updated in the evening.

1. webmasters do when the station optimization, would love to have a keyword in the content through the automatic call or deliberately placed the key words, the direct purpose of doing so is by increasing the density of keywords to promote ranking. But we know that in the content of each page with a single anchor text, not only to the site within the chain effect, but also for the user friendly experience is a big blow. Because of the use of a single anchor text will make readers again and three of the same article, the content of the site in the course of time will have conflicting emotions. But excessive optimization makes the page weights we are divided, not conducive to the rise of the keyword ranking. So a page keywords about 3 OK.

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