Shanghai Longfeng specialist, how to assess the value of a chain

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5. page location


: * * * * * the importance of

The reason why


so now if you are a Shanghai dragon chain specialist, from which we should consider a chain of high-quality


search engine algorithm, for Shanghai dragon ER, we should know: a page ranking of the decisive factor is not so simple, the chain for the emperor era long past, consider the search engine index, more diversified, and the traditional sense of the actual Shanghai dragon, has ceased to exist.


: * * * * * the importance of

is enough?

here are 20 factors, is the essence of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners years of experience summary, for your reference!

The importance of

: * * * * * the importance of

correlation is a very important index, but there is no what effective tool to give an exact numerical.

the reason for such a low score, mainly because of the search engine. Google has stopped updating PR, and love Shanghai has never given an official BR, search giants have their own independent set of rules and ranking algorithm logic, too change unpredictably.



4. domain name weight

this is the 20 factor in ranking the first important factor. This is the key to judge a link is superior to other links. Generally speaking, the domain name weight is good. Because of the higher, representing more can improve my ranking, the more able to attract more people to click, more can produce more influence.

1. anchor text

The correlation between

2. page weight

so, instead of focusing on the weight of a single link, less attention to the domain name weight, site importance, other pages of the site of importance and relevance etc..

if you have absolutely no chain, then this link if not do anchor text, or try to take it.

anchor text only got three stars, because no matter whether you do anchor text, this link is valuable. The difference is that an accurate anchor text is better than less accurate, the anchor text full match than partial matching, is better than no anchor text. That’s it。

With the continuous adjustment of the

however, correlation is still an important means of access to information sources. To find a complete or very high correlation site is difficult, but those may not seem related to the site, you can also become a source of information, also can exchange links with. Don’t have to exclude these not related links or site.

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