Soft writing sharing beauty and wisdom.

there are many authors are sharing how to write articles to be focused, for example, before each paragraph with a summary of the language, it can play the effect of pointing to the center, but a taste of their own articles would look echo what the books say the lack of natural, like according to a certain format to write things, too a mechanical. But Lin think this idea can be inherited, that is when we write articles to write out their own ideas can be concise and to the point. Some unnecessary words or ridicule can be omitted, after all, an article in A5 space as everyone knows, only about 900 words, so the statement is smooth, clear, we must write the article. Even if your writing skill is very strong, it is better to SD 1, 2, 3, so you write easily, others to look at.

saw an author share soft writing experience recently in Shanghai dragon why forum, written in a very professional, like what the first paragraph topic, this structure is divided into the total score of such words is a textbook like meet the eye everywhere, he posts the following reply a lot, actually feel Kobayashi although it will require some writing format the layout, but only the "beauty" is not enough to know whether the article can be accepted, and not the layout of say, many times we need to use the content of a little wisdom, as the title says, writing to the coexistence of beauty and wisdom.

writing about "efficiency": the most direct, the most clear, the most powerful

said the test of the truth of some articles is a bit low, for example, introduce you to the new function of HTML5, and how to use these new features to the construction site, the more profound article is a challenge for the novice, because this information is that they can no longer within a short period of time is good or bad, but the series >

writing about "sincere words:" do not flicker, not up, a value of

a good article is how to develop, but not the writing skills of piling up, but what let people admire. A story about love Shanghai big update to see not long ago, when many webmaster said Shanghai dragon is at an end, when doing pure optimization is not feasible, but the author say Shanghai update, the more you want to do website optimization, because this is an excellent time to clean up an industry, some of the usual competition but the site, because of a little of their errors and ranking fell, as long as we do duty have the opportunity of development, in addition, the author also from many aspects refuted all the eyes of love Shanghai for the sake of use of the bridge section, a copious and fluent 1000 words make Lynn look very comfortable, because he said the sentence, and cited a number of cases and data, and this is a good article, because from which we can feel the thickness and bring to me Their help, compared to those so-called reliable experience purely by piling up the text.

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