Master the chain cycle do website optimization

second, the chain effect. This period is the chain when we do really play its benefit. We can master page according to Statistics website hits to determine the value of the chain, to get the chain for the website through the efforts of its stability, transfer, timeliness, so as to obtain the optimized data related to improve every step of website optimization.

for the chain of cognition and the role Dennis will continue to according to the data summary, analysis of current data, search criteria for the chain focused on the correlation between the number, the role of the chain chain platform period and released the chain three aspects. So I think, we should try to choose the matching degree is high, the cycle is relatively long in the production chain of the platform website.

third, the chain failure period. Everything comes down, the chain is the same, in the transition to this period after the chain for the website will not have to transfer the weight and guiding role, or the chain will be deleted in its website data update. This is also the most site managers will not regularly increase repair chain, to a relatively stable value, will not bring change radically unstable impression to the search engine.

, however, the fact is that so? Although I have repeatedly stressed that the chain for the emperor of the era of the past, the content of the website is the key to winning the ranking. But in recent times the website update and search engine rankings, the role of the chain is not what we say nothing, instead some of the chain in the whole process of the optimization in the proportion is very high, the calculation about can account for about 30% of the website – 40% preliminary data.

data is the chain declared to us to prove its importance, the author Dennis to share with everyone on the search engine website optimization is wise remark of an experienced person for the chain today.


talked about the chain, the Shanghai dragon Er Public opinions are divergent. It claims that the major search engine algorithms, the role of the chain is made of chicken ribs, useless, but to the author, Dan feels that it has become not essential in the website optimization.

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like all the same stuff, the chain also has a life cycle in the search engine, this period can be divided into according to the strength of its new stage, stage and failure stage.

first, the chain of neonatal. In the new period is the first chain in the chain of production after a period of time, this time is about 15 days. Among them, the first week can be regarded as the chain discovery period, this period of time is mainly spider crawling to foreign chain; second weeks is the weight of the chain and the chain is regular play stage, look at the chain for the website function and the weight of the transfer.

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