How to do a good job of Shanghai Longfeng summarizes the points of my website optimization experienc

first took on this website, I want to put these words are really hard to do. I am.


of course, these are all things as everyone knows. The other is very simple. It is difficult to adhere to do so. A lot of people are repetitive work can not stand such a boring day and give up halfway. Perhaps hold might have succeeded. It makes people feel pity. So, do Shanghai dragon

then the next step is to start real optimization. Do SEO two as everyone knows golden rule, that is, the content and the chain. There is such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor" yes, indeed. Do these two points, if you can stick with it, then the site you want to have a good ranking is no doubt. Of course, original content, is the high quality chain. The chain which you can see in some of the more well-known link exchange platform release information, update every day. I now in several link exchange platform release information, almost all other sites initiative to find I exchange. I can change every day now to two to three high quality links.

fight after several months of unremittingly, I finally got the key words need to optimize do love Shanghai home, some even not only on the home page, and in the first row. I am now the first thing to go to work every day is open to love Shanghai at their superior station search, search results in the feeling, it is a single word: super, super awesome! Oh. Well, don’t show off. I put my site optimization results in the release of my signature on QQ. There are many of my friends asked to see how to do, let me teach the experience. So I just take what I know about how to do site optimization things and some of my experience to write out all. For your reference. If you have problems and what advice, welcome to my QQ:870408505 and I exchange, we learn from each other, the common progress of


I with this site I do to and you talk about. This website is our company’s station, a company is very simple and very common, there is some content company, the company’s design case, case, industry news and other dynamic content. According to our company’s business and industry characteristics. We chose to do some key words to optimize. Yes, yes, the first step of keywords optimization of the website is to choose what you want to optimize, it can be targeted. We choose a few key words are "market design" "Department of design" "supermarket shopping center" design "design" "commercial space design" is mainly a few hot words. The other can according to these words to derive some long tail keywords. At present I do these words and their derivatives has been basically all I do love Shanghai home. We can take a look at the effect of this search in Shanghai.

, ado. Following the start of

stick!When optimizing

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