A large number of entrepreneurs out of the family kitchen is only a dream

for those who are away from home, dragged his exhausted body back to the residence every day, looking forward to a meal like a mother at home with a temperature.

last year, as the sharing economy "floated" family kitchen, with a series of "mother", "home" brand catering came into being, they have to stay at home and have a good cook and uncle aunt want to eat healthy and delicious white-collar docking, established a shared kitchen mode. Then, after the Internet practitioners can book at home every day from time to time the fried pork through the platform, and a new way in retirement home Aunt Zhang also found time and earning.

however, when we take the feelings, talk more and more, like every day and Zhang aunt the warmth of the story, how the life around us in turns staged when part of a shared kitchen mode entrepreneurs have lost out.

when the feelings of the face of business, sharing the kitchen model is just a dream?

lost out entrepreneurs

with a new round of financing failure, many entrepreneurs have been out.

on the evening of February 25th, the kitchen platform mother taste in its WeChat public number announced in February 26th to stop service. Dear all: because the business adjustment, "Mom" flavor will be suspended from 2.26 in the morning, thanks for your time and walk through together, looking forward to the next goodbye, good luck! "However, on the afternoon of 26," Mom. "Also issued a clear message, said recently due to the change of business needs, and will make strategic adjustments planning, so the service will be suspended in some areas. Sina science and technology yesterday called the company, customer service staff said that at present, Beijing, Guangzhou, part of the region to stop operating, but stressed that only suspended service.

in fact, mother taste is not the first out of the shared kitchen platform. Last August, the emotional needs of the main user food production and distribution platform "mother food" also announced the suspension of operations. Mother’s mother, founder of Han Di Di Sina Technology, said the company because of the cost structure and other issues, has shut down the mother’s food business.

founder Hu Dusheng and another shared kitchen mode Cengfan told Sina Technology, from the beginning of December last year, the company has decided to maintain the current operations of the meal, the future will not spend energy in Cengfan business, concentrate on building other business.

Sina reported, the most prosperous in the market, the same type of the company reached seven, but at present, the same platform only "home for dinner" and "small e Guanfan" continues normal operation, according to statistics, the "home for dinner", covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou 5 a city, the average daily order volume of about 50 thousand, has become the largest home kitchen O2O platform.

future profit



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