The recent small sense of large website building

The content arrangement of

recommend and help content: "product" and "product" to buy related knowledge related consulting;

so, the content in the website of the molding optimization which need to pay attention to the point

N products: the tourism industry is N what line took several days the number of ocean tourist routes, electricity stations that a few money N what brand of what products, news or classified information site is N what time on what what type of news or information;

see the little sense of nature is about some things may have no external contact some combination of divergent thinking and recent experience, if the content is not very good on the title to the construction, please forgive me.

(inevitably overlap), a limited number of products and other issues, a modest increase in some differences in the content of help your search engine ranking and multiple choice, more convenient for users. The following common practices:

well, if you think that is too abstract, so we have to give it a more specific.

dimensions or attributes: tourism industry is located, the origin, types of scenic spots, to participate in the object, travel mode and so on, electricity stations that brand, category, price, color and so on;

3, the difference of theConsidering the classification number

product page: in addition to the picture and description of the product, common are: comments, advice, ask buy alternative products recommendation, purchase >


1 of the website, title

said after the site classification, site selection panel settings, etc. a series of product page keywords coverage and keywords in product classification dimensions still may be missing, then a search system to cover more keywords is important, of course, need to pay attention to to search the URL page optimization, chain establishment, synonyms generated by the repeat page of Shanghai Longfeng problems.

supplementation on commonly used search termsAlthough

polite words not to say, the first to build a comprehensive brief statement to small website:

when considering the number of classification and product site, can only rely on the template to set the classification page and product page of title, and it seems that these title more postfix infants (such as electricity station commonly used brand, price, wholesale price, pictures, etc.).

2, search

no matter what the industry, it is actually their own N products, we need to do is according to different dimensions or attributes of these goods are permutations and combinations, while some help, help and is convenient for users to exchange content as supplement and perfect.

user communication content: "product evaluation and user circle, discuss community, forum and so on.

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