Three for the website of Shanghai dragon mentality

as a resource, is useful to us. We must on the website optimization

need is a state of mind, mind personal needs, how big your heart, your dream will be far. For Tak Kwong, tolerance. Now there are more and more people in the website optimization, but not everyone can do it, not everyone can do a lot of Web site rankings, do the very front. It is necessary to have a good mentality to do support, if you Wuyuwuqiu, what also do not care, no matter what you ask, then imagine the website will not have what good rankings, also won’t have much higher weight, not to mention profits. Why? It is actually very simple, you don’t expect, you have no hope, you all look very pale, if you put all look so simple, so you still care about your daily web traffic? Snapshot care about your website? I don’t think so. So to do a good website optimization, we must have a good attitude.

this is the first thing I want to mention, I think is the basis for the website optimization, but also the fundamental. Is that we must be able to endure loneliness. Especially in the beginning at the beginning, this is an important point, if you can’t stand the loneliness, you will find another way, feel you are not suitable for the website optimization. Because the website optimization is a very boring, every day you need to complete the update site, to their own original articles, it is original, original requires us to calm down. Silently to think, to write something useful. In addition, every day we also face the boring website data, analysis of the website data, and then decide what to do next, how to do better. In the face of the starting flow, the poor included, you must be calm to endure this loneliness. Not so worry is useless. Also, at the beginning of the website optimization, website ranking and weight is difficult to go up, this time we need to do is to finish the work on time every day every day, waiting for. Don’t imagine how much weight site suddenly rise, website traffic reached number. These are the need to accumulate. At least three months or more, so we must be prepared. Because I love Shanghai and Google is on your site have a study period, he could not immediately make your site in a short time quickly. Therefore, loneliness is the pre accompany you do website optimization. Perhaps you in-depth bone marrow, but if you can bear the loneliness, I think you from success is not too far away.

to do the optimization of a website, what looks mentality? What kind of mentality is should have an excellent website optimization of? Here is my website optimization should be introduced to the mind. Perhaps there is wrong, forgive me.

second, to focus on resources and details of the mentality of

What do

first, to be able to endure loneliness

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