The first half of the Shanghai dragon learning experience to tell you, Shanghai dragon imagine witho

believes that a lot of Shanghai dragon in novices before learning Shanghai Longfeng, should see Wang Tong teacher of Shanghai dragon money method. Also describes some practical experience. One of his students in Shanghai Dragon technology to a product keywords ranking do the home page, and then a month can earn tens of thousands of pieces money. We look at this story, that as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, even after Taobao keyword put off, a product ranking to do we can take money, but I was really wrong. /p>

so far, I still have a shot off in Pizhou. I also update the network video every day, do the chain. However, up to now have half the time, or in the love of Shanghai not to search their own website. I still have a website construction company website is not search your site name. Shanghai dragon really let me down.

is one such person, once addicted to one thing, as the evil. Then I want to go to Xuzhou to study in Shanghai Longfeng, and happened to find a free education in Shanghai Longfeng work, not only can learn Shanghai dragon can also get money. This is really a good thing to heaven. Later, I also do the work, learning.

be punished site to return is really a bit difficult. So, I chose to give up. However, I still did not give up. Shanghai dragon and I made a website I began to combat Shanghai dragon. The site was originally done in Pizhou. The group purchase website called Tiger Group. A few days, I checked the site and set the chain and keywords ranking. I did not expect this station to do a few days, there is a keyword ranking, a few key words in the first row. Also included in the site all normal. But because the domain name changed again, this station of Shanghai Longfeng did not adhere to in the end give up.

Shanghai dragon created so many myths, also let us these Shanghai Longfeng novices like a mystery, thought as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, I can put each keyword it home, waiting for someone to send to it. However, Shanghai dragon really have you imagine so simple. You learn. Nearly half of the Shanghai Dragon, the Pizhou website construction, even the tiger and everyone to share in the first half of this year the Shanghai dragon learning experience.

remember the beginning, the teacher told me that as long as the website updated on time every day, the chain can be. Of course, to do the anchor text, because the anchor text is helpful to improve the keywords ranking. In order to study well in Shanghai Longfeng. I also made a website. Even the tiger net, is a forum in Pizhou local. Every day I give a few forum original articles, the chain every day. Check your website and chain. Has been good. The snapshot is updated. But because of changed the title of the site. The site’s home page snapshot is no longer. No matter how I can not go back to the previous optimization hard. Two months to pay, the station was closed. I gave my first Shanghai dragon ended in failure.

to the teacher of Shanghai Dragon

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