Shanghai dragon why training lesson notes summary those we have practice error

to easily build brand registered domain name, domain name is contained in the brand keywords is not so important, of course English website still has a bit of help!

5. note learning to observe the search engine spiders log

this software can easily observed trends and spider spider to grab the content or the feedback information, the webmaster can easily consciously in accordance with the spider washed to feed the spider, also recommended the formation of a lot of observation log spider habits, do website problems early know early prevention.

2. on the choice of program

try every day a page five hundred words above the original page target keywords in the article try to take you to the optimization of the anchor text or bold and do. The quality plan to arrange the site of each article and the content and the website of the internal links layout, make the internal site similar to a net to keep the spider prey contents here.

search engine algorithm almost every day in the change, so special weight > the details of the website to do

Do the details of Some preparatory work before the establishment of the

especially in recent years popular waterfall flow or the pursuit of dazzling effect, so many webmasters may also follow suit to use extremely heavy program code. In the core content of the search engine spiders to crawl the site, and content caused some difficulties, this is not desirable. Also on the website content with the size of the national scientific and technological progress speed bandwidth is not so important.

website has not registered the domain name before you should think the content of the web site from where, at least 100 of original content to fill this website. Instead of holding the domain name to do stand to headache content how to, or what the registered domain name like, ready for the content of other things can be a matter of course.

1.Based on the original

3. web content arrangement

4. on the website to Submit search engine

after several psychological entanglements and struggle finally chose Shanghai dragon why this industry quite good reputation of the Shanghai dragon training institutions participated in the Shanghai dragon training is the first lesson of the training was not so long ago. In the training to do a few notes summary.


due to the domestic Internet environment, a lot of the time do not need to submit a new domain name search engine spiders. The anchor text somewhere else he will automatically crawl and leave a snapshot, so in the website is not recommended to choose local debugging success before debugging. Then the special attention is not a good source upload started to search engines, but after not added a few content in the website to submit to the search engine, it is more conducive to the spider in captivity.

When the domain name registration

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