Purple Hui venture Zheng Gang Live technology will change all sectors of China

yesterday, organized by the Qing group and the investment community, China’s cultural and entertainment industry Investment Summit held in Beijing. Scene, investors gathered. Xiao Bian to all the entrepreneurs to bring the most fresh dry cargo principle most practical, in addition to rapid typing, brush face but also keep the knowledge of people, after all, the investment chiefs too much, is not easy to recognize.

this does not, in the dialogue session, Xiao Bian found that purple Hui venture capital Zheng Gang to share some of the views are quite suitable for our entrepreneurs and investors to take a good look at some of the.

first, let’s talk about who Zheng Gang is.

recent fire of the passengers know it, unfamiliar street always heard it. He is reflected in the live audience, unfamiliar street, Galaxy number entertainment and other well-known projects behind the man. The founder of the purple Hui venture in the live, video, games, VR and other popular areas are layout.

Zheng Gang said in a dialogue, live will change all sectors. In the era of live, a lot of talent and ability of individuals, through the efforts, the moment will be able to find a large number of fans. For this film, for the cinema, on the new discovery and cultivation mode, there is a huge opportunity.

his judgment based on the three prerequisites for a live fire: first, everyone’s understanding of the video industry is subversive, the progress of the technical level is two, the popularity of mobile payment is three.

following Zheng Gang sharing record:

I am the founder of purple Fai venture, managing partner.

we are very clear that the cultural and entertainment industry is a great opportunity. In fact, after the financial crisis, we think Chinese the biggest opportunity from the mobile Internet plus this one, including investment and entertainment and pan culture this piece and the future market space, because we saw China per capita income of $8000, or $ten thousand or more, there should be about 15 thousand dollars in revenue Shanghai, Beijing, on average, will lead to very new cultural entertainment, leisure and other forms.

in the field of mobile Internet, we cast unfamiliar street, as well as live reflection. In the gaming industry for the Milky Way entertainment, this is a large animation film, as one of the company, I was half a founder, basically reached 1 billion scale, we basically back a lot of them, because it will give the team a better incentive mechanism.

in the game industry, we have invested in a range of companies, so far there is no failure, I basically do not play games. In the film and television to keep up with the drama set up a very large fund, the priority investment in the play of alumni.

in the VR field, I have made a series of investment, investors have every single 3-10 VR project, even if the threshold may not be very high, the market content may be a problem. So when we cast this project, is a look at the content and marketing company, customer has no advantage, there is no channel, which is behind a very large fancier.

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