On 628 personal webmasters increase love Shanghai’s new way

on the day of June 28, 2011, is a huge changes to the China Internet, included many webmaster dips, even left home, complaining and whether the webmaster is also considering the sag reasons, in my website as an example, the 628 love Shanghai love Shanghai site before the update has remained at between 1500. suddenly one night only love Shanghai site directly displayed page only 5 article. The snapshot update time became slower. Many personal webmaster should have encountered similar problems with me. Our first reaction is to love Shanghai drop right? Agonizing over a period of time before the website maintenance and the hair of the chain is not caused by the love Shanghai? My site has been ordered every published 5 articles, love Shanghai are included in 5 minutes, I usually push the chain website Guangzhou is only A5. and some other portals. Forum. The chain of the hair every day to keep the 50 or so, should not touch the edge of love Shanghai. This problem should also plagued many personal webmaster, can not find the reason of love Shanghai has undergone great changes in the site directive.

The number of

chain is to enhance the love of Shanghai in another important Farmar, the station group, buy connection, blog, forum posting, etc. some owners used to improve soft writing technique of chain analysis

love Shanghai according to individual user experience, the content of the website and chain is an important weight weight love Shanghai. The excessive acquisition and a large number of published false original article undoubtedly seriously violated the love Shanghai standards, content is king. Only publish original articles to bring a better experience to the user, in order to get the love of Shanghai’s favor, of course, the weight will naturally go up, in order to improve the ranking of love Shanghai would have to adhere to write some meaningful articles, some personal webmaster blindly put love Shanghai as a machine. Article excerpt from countless number passage together. Then upset, even more ruthless use Google translation tool for English translation for Chinese, do. Although you can guarantee the uniqueness of published articles. But a serious breach of love Shanghai rule, this article read don’t know what it is, not to talk about what the user experience. If a site is always such an article. Of course you will discard love Shanghai. Even if you work hard every day.

628 love Shanghai big update, carefully check all kinds of popular keywords and profits of a certain rank, station group ranking is still the highest in Shanghai love home station. But who knows station group in Shanghai has reduced the weight of chain of love. If in order to improve website ranking continue to invest to make a station group is obviously not a wise.

1, the power station group; it is undeniable. Some popular keywords, such as: L-carnitine, novels, movies, and other stations are always ruled. The power station group has a very strong, can let the site overnight have numerous keywords within the chain and voting.

2 blog in the chain; some time ago fired the cold raise a Babel of criticism of the blog, many.

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