Liu Dan do you need a sustainable Shanghai dragon to solve these problems

often encounter some peer friends, jubilant about how to do a website, how to make Shanghai the dragon, but talked without exception they will feel very confused, because for a period of time will feel some difficult problems persist, too much, which is obviously not so easy to solve. I said so I use a word to guide them, to be sustainable in Shanghai dragon.

a lot of people operating the information website, every day very hard copy paste articles everywhere, blindly and his CTRL key to. But eventually regret that the content included rate is very low, the ranking is also very poor. Want to do the so-called pseudo original it, but as we all know, the kind of pseudo original software use keywords to replace the way, and finally make the gods Lao Tzu can not read, no readability, this article on a web site, the user experience is poor are to be expected. But the webmaster will say, manual to completely pseudo original, efficiency.

what is sustainable in Shanghai dragon? This means that when the rankings do not delay, you still have to deal with the strategies and methods of enough, and eventually be able to achieve effective results, instead of three minutes, three days fishing nets two days of drying, encounter problems will escape, self pity makes it difficult to achieve results. In this process, what kind of problems will seriously hamper the enthusiasm of practitioners and lead to achieve sustainable Shanghai dragon? I generally sort out what are the following:

2, web site operators, no stable source of content.

is currently engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry group, a considerable part of the line is late, and is entering the industry when it is accidental, there is no prior contact with a web site, and not the website was born, they did not understand the basic HTML program, but also do not understand. By chance, they will take Shanghai dragon Er itself and happy wandering in the industry. This is not the case in a few. They thought that the Shanghai dragon as long as the world outside the chain can do. It is said that master are like this, so they should. One day, when they found themselves hard to send the chain for several months, but the website ranking no progress, their faith collapsed, the outlook on life also collapse. They suddenly found Shanghai dragon is not want it. In fact, they may even the basic structure of the website are not perfect, have a lot of problems, but they do not know, or think it’s too complex and of no great importance is ignored.

see you do Shanghai dragon people, completely cannot read the basic code of how many people? Do not know how to modify the structure of the website to do in the station optimization of the basic people have? Think how much Shanghai dragon is crazy hair of the chain? After seeing the shocking situation, the current understanding of the situation also employed is remarkable.

1, fully understand the code and procedures, as long as the chain can do rankings.

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