Gem suffered heavy losses! LETV, Wan Bangda, palm interested in science and technology executives Ho


funds seem to make a choice between the gem and the SSE motherboard.

June 8th, the Shanghai index at 5131.88 points, or 2.17%, while the gem index closed at 3704.55 points, down 4.67%.

gem innovative high offensive showing signs of suspension. Following the May 28th crash, the gem suffered a crash again. In contrast, the gem executives, they also exercise the right to reduce equity holdings.

according to Tencent financial statistics, from January 1, 2015 to June 8, 2015 as the statistical interval, during the gem executives to reduce the market value of 33 billion 938 million yuan, the momentum is particularly rapid reduction. In particular, since June 2015, a total of 6 trading days, the gem executives to reduce the market value of $4 billion 820 million, while in March the whole month to reduce the market value of the gem executives also $4 billion 210 million, is the market value of holdings in March of 1.14 times. The executives in June 1st and, the maximum reduction of two, respectively, $1 billion 800 million and $1 billion 600 million, while the gem index rose in these two days were as high as 4.97% and 2.07%.

is not difficult to see, the gem index prompted the company to accelerate the speed of the reduction of executives. "The reduction of executives at the psychological level of the gem funds entering speed, and these days the gem fell for the main reason is the early or too large, need to digest profit, there is no direct relationship between the reduction and executives. Although it is difficult to reduce the direct impact of the gem turnover, but the larger the gem gains, the frequency and size of the reduction of executives will be increased to a large extent." A large brokerage strategist told Tencent finance.

who is the top three


in the gem executives held by 33 billion 938 million yuan, including LETV (300104.SZ), wanbangda (300055.SZ) and zhangqu Technology (300315.SZ) of three executives of listed companies contributed 7 billion 583 million yuan, accounting for 22.3%, a reduction of the amount of shares executives ranked top 3.


LETV chairman Jia Yueting’s massive holdings of more than wanbangda won the gem executives holdings amount of top executives to change the total market capitalization of 3 billion 685 million yuan, involving three people.

According to

, LETV announcement, January 30, 2015 to April 16th, at the same time as LETV second shares and chairman Jia Yueting sister Jia Yuefang through 4 large transactions total holdings of stock market value of 1 billion 186 million yuan, while the LETV COO Liu Hong auction holdings by the market value of 25 thousand yuan.

accounted for the largest reduction by Chairman Jia Yueting completed. In June 1st, he was a total reduction of 17 million 510 thousand shares through block trading, the reduction of the average price of $68.50 in June 3rd through a total reduction of 17 million 730 thousand shares traded, reducing the average price of $73.33. It is estimated that Jia

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