How to optimize the site from the perspective of user experience and website visitor data analysis

(1) update: not every day to keep updating the content even if the completion of work. Need to consider updating what kind of content to attract others, which need to update the content to attract old visitors. The attractive topic, need strong correlation and a hot topic of discussion, interactive setting etc..

[1] new and old visitor data comparison

After the

(2): update update location content also need to pay attention to the recommended position. The latest popular recommendation, recommendation, related topics and related links etc..

updates the user browsing data or on different after all mining user experience, so we are in the process of Web site optimization also requires more from the perspective of user experience to do.

so that we can not help but speculate: No. three chart and ranked fifth in contrast to click on the diagram of the previous text display may vary greatly.

[2] visitors active depth and length of visit, visit


recently love Shanghai once again to display the results of the ranking update love Shanghai, love Shanghai natural ranking in front of the picture. This update for this year or website optimization on the topic – the user experience.


to see whether the user >


from the perspective of user experience and site optimization work, we start from the analysis of the data of site visitors. Website visitor data including the new and old customers data comparison, website access depth, page access time, visitors search words, visitor source classification data. Today Changzhou Shanghai dragon and everyone from these visitors data looking for website optimization method some user experience.

have to say, the difference between 360 and Sogou search engine ranking natural display, user experience and a step forward. After the test, click on the search keywords in some other industries there is a demand, subconsciously consider two things: ranking + pictures and other eye-catching brand display, the unconscious will go to click on the left side of the picture information.


from the new and old visitor data comparison, we found the old visitors in the per capita browsing pages, visit depth, length of visit are much better than the new visitors, resulting in product transformation in mining, is an important part of the old customers. Therefore, the effect of the conversion on this point, we need to consider how to optimize the work to retain old visitors, how to improve the new visitor loyalty issues in the website, need to seriously consider.

site planning activities: the user viscosity function (such as: the user level forum, Post Bar commonly used), new and old customers the user registered users package, promotions, website and other special events.


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