love mules keyword stuffing really useless it

the website I went in to see the point, in fact, is a website, just using the N domain to bind this one station only, and not what special. I remember many years ago, using this method, a lot of people, but it would not do so. A single site, each domain name included, outside the chain, including the site itself is not that special, except title, description, keywords page three labels all the keywords stack, in addition to the few, still generator label stack keywords.

How much is his ?This example illustrates the

love Shanghai "jewelry nest", a surprise, I believe everyone will be a bright eyes. A keyword to the work station group, accounted for 7 in the home position, the remaining 2 encyclopedia and an authentic jewelry nest.

love Shanghai for cheating, stations and so on repeatedly hit, the thought of love Shanghai now for processing cheating sites has no big problem, not to see a set of N as one of the special case of cheating.


strong, of course the appropriate keyword stuffing or some action, like piling up, in the end is not as clear as noonday clearly on all stations have effect, and can last long, interested people can go to the test. In this paper, I love mules from the original: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/blog/post/12.html, welcome to reprint, if you don’t mind, please keep the link, if the mind, change your own links anyway.

keyword density, I checked, actually not so high, the result is: I find the keyword density: 7.73%, it is less than 8%, ha ha, this will give a little enlightenment to Shanghai dragon

statement: the case of the occurrence, the webmaster can see, not directly with you are doing the station to do the test.


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