Help you do three good ways of website content optimization for you

1, the first paragraph must be for their own original content, such as we can use their own language to simple to introduce us to this article is about what is the content, so that the spider can feel "fresh blood" exists when crawling grab.

we all know, with the upgrading and development of the search engine algorithm, a web site to be successful, want to get a good ranking in the search engine. The quality of website content and good user experience is essential. However, the user experience we can through some learning and technical means to achieve the purpose of optimization. But the quality of content often for many webmaster is very difficult, so usually we will choose the pseudo original, is to do three good pseudo original content optimization method to share with you today, I hope to help you master.

(two) to replace the article content changes.

(a) replace the title change.

2, replacing the long tail key, also take a title as "the 100 most sentimental love sentence" as an example, in fact, for the long tail keywords that is more, we can choose to replace the synonym of long tail keywords in the title, for example to "100 most sad love." "100 words the most sad love this sentence" are.

1, which replaced part: for example we love Shanghai to search from an article titled "the 100 most sentimental love sentences", the title of this long tail key it is usually behind the "saddest love sentences", so in front of the "100 words" usually it is of no great importance, so we can be of no great importance this part of the title to replace the modified, for example we can write "2014 the most sentimental love sentences, long tail keywords are the same, but the search engine optimization is not affected.

pseudo original, of course is to copy and modify the original articles from other sites, so the first step, we need to modify the title of the article is undoubtedly. For the title of the modification, we usually can be modified according to different different keywords.

2, replace the main contents of the article writing and replace synonyms, such as we are in the process to modify the original content, you can choose some of the more important content, Modify >

this is the most often let the webmaster to ignore, why say so? Because most of the time a text is long, if we go to such a pseudo original content, will be very difficult, so most of the owners would choose only a head, also is the title, the full release to your own website directly copied, but this way on your website is no help, in fact, we can simply go to some modifications, this will make the search engine you feel the fresh, giving a high score.

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