Pay overall rise but not everyone with extreme ease

recently read news on science and technology, knowledge of pay seems to be the media and media are the most as a topic of concern, many media people to express their knowledge of pay per views on the one hand is the envy of logical thinking, Ma Dong V with the knowledge of these big pay earned bowl full; the other is joy the arrival of the era of knowledge to be able to pay their dividends, media and from the media are beginning to knowledge ready to pay. In the science and technology venture capital media circle, before the tiger sniffing, entrepreneur, everyone is a product manager to launch exclusive membership, after the titanium media premium service products for the blind.

actually want to trace the source of content to pay, in the early weekly newspaper subscription, video courses, CD and so on have been opened online content payment. In foreign countries, the contents of the mode of pay is already relatively mature, "New York Times" website provides readers can read ten articles for free, then it must pay to read, "the Wall Street journal" and "Financial Times" is set up to pay, free and registered users in mixed mode.

the first attempt in the field of knowledge acquisition is WeChat play reward, and then play the game has become a major media platform normalization tools. The answer is really hot and sparked a Chinese knowledge pay, know Llive, Lenovo, etc. knowledge quiz cicadas have the rise of payment platform. The social networking giant micro-blog also began mood.according, first signed for the media launched a subscription, the day before and on the line micro-blog word version pay quiz, but recently micro-blog’s voice broadcast platform Live "red Quiz Challenge" Liu Yan, Lang Lang, invited Chen Yao, Ouyang Nana, Wang Gaofei, Li Xiaolai, the Museum magazine 55 star, V participate in the public broadcast, watch live online the day more than 32 million 110 thousand people, is to live to a climax pay question.

in the past, the subconscious mind, whether it is music, movies or news, fiction, it should be free. And now, with the popularity of knowledge to pay, the content began to pay a real start in all areas.

Q & A, after answering a number of minutes to answer the rise of

For a

, after one of the shareholders Wang Sicong V overnight Hongbian on both sides of the Changjiang River, speculation, but because of excessive false fire and then almost died. Although the answer is not a night burst of red because of the knowledge economy, but it opened the door for the user to pay for knowledge, on the one hand, users will be more willing to pay for knowledge than ever before, habits are gradually cultivated and formed.

on the other hand, in answer, know almost know almost Live, launched giant Lenovo launched the cicada quiz, micro-blog also recently officially launched a text version of micro-blog answers, at the same time is also a pay rise in platform from the medical, legal, ask many cars and other vertical segments, more and more platforms to follow points a common question answering pay trend boost.

pay for the future trend of Q & A, Liu Kuang personally think it is likely to become a number of professional service platform >

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