Chunshuitang Lin Degang shelling Xu Xiaoping Ma Jiajia did not understand the business, don’t flatte

Abstract: as Adult supplies industry entrepreneurs and marketing people, Ma Jiajia is far not successful. As an individual person as marketing targets, Ma Jiajia is successful, put in the first call hit West east.


domestic fun electricity supplier chunshuitang founder Lin Degang today issued a strongly worded article, well-known angel investor Xu Xiaoping shelling. Lin Degang said in the article, because Xu Xiaoping remarks misleading entrepreneurs, he had to come out to refute. He implied that Xu Xiaoping had brokered chunshuitang acquisition Ma Jiajia powerful.

The following is the full text of the article

Lin Degang:

circle of friends by Xu Xiaoping in February 26th in the "2015 venture geek forum" entrepreneurial speech scraper, which has 1/3 sections on "CEO marketing ability" – this argument is God as correct. But the argument is "dismal business powerful Ma Jiajia is outstanding master must all learn marketing, sales of billions of dollars chunshuitang Lin Degang is marketing idiot everybody don’t want to learn it, I can say that this is the same argument


well, I’m Lin Degang, chunshuitang fun supplies electricity supplier ( founder. Spring flowers uncle, carry knives. I was taking a plate of bricks to shoot Xu teacher.

the following black Xu Xiaoping speech, the scarlet letter is Lin Degang speeches of brick.

second, do you know who Zhang Mengning is? I know I admire you very much. Really do not know right? I know to raise your hand again, thousands of people on the venue so few people. Wake up your heart Zhang Mengning, I tell a case. In January 1, 2014, new year’s day of the night, my dinner is to eat together with Zhang Mengning, Zhang Mengning has a pen name Ma Jiajia. Zhang Wei and Yang Ning, his angel investors, and the entertainment factory. Then I was cast Ma Jiajia, when her valuation is sixty million yuan, Xu teacher can give a discount, I gave the RMB 300 thousand, took a point. Why should I vote for her? I didn’t ask you exactly what we sell, and internal entire fund have also been many disputes completely against my tsuma Allison, then we open the contradiction, but I still insist to vote for him, why? I told you I vote for him, and I am proud of. Others on Ma Jiajia accused, you see what you are not, became well-known. I asked you, what you have, why don’t you famous? Why don’t you know the market (Xu since so good, why invest only a point stake? This seriously is not normal, angel round of investment at least 10 points is normal? Even joint investment or at least 35 it reminded me of the Shang Yang uncle – spring of the South Gate of the wood – Qin Shang Yang’s reform, as Lixin, offering a reward of 50 gold, get a piece of wood from the south gate to the north gate, you 300 thousand Investment Ma Jiajia a point of equity, that is old.

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