What are the new opportunities around the world in 2017 Overseas VC say so

for the domestic venture capital circle, 2016 is a year of raging like a storm. Comes the winter capital makes venture capital heat sudden drop, once accepted pure online business model is no longer effective; Internet entrepreneurs and investment weakness makes people have to re-examine the line may be a new direction to partly hidden and partly visible in the fog.

on a global scale, in 2016 also witnessed the emergence of a lot of new things, such as Pokemon Go let AR boom spread. In this context, the growth rate of investment activities remained stable, the overseas wind speculation also continue to move forward in optimism. In their view, in 2017, the following eight areas will hatch new opportunities.

easing will bring more new products

After the

presidential election, although some Silicon Valley bigwigs still do not think Trump can get along with the technology sector, but there are already some investors see new hope. Acorn Fund Ian Patrick Sobieski responsible person said that despite Trump’s election there is still a lot of variables, but he promised the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) reform will make more innovative products do not need to go through a lot of review will be listed. "It will also lead to more money into medical devices and other areas, driving more innovation," he said.

biotech get capital favored

angel investors from Band of Amit Kumar believes that biotechnology will usher in growth in 2017. Innovative treatments for cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases have been slow to develop because of lack of funds, but the problem will now be resolved." This is also due to regulatory easing.

Band of Angels is the oldest Silicon Valley seed fund. So far, 17 of the companies they invest in are biotech companies, which is one of the reasons why Amit Kumar places particular emphasis on the field. He said that in 2017 there will be more funds into the direction of biotechnology.

AI will change the health and education industries

artificial intelligence applied to medical treatment, this is not new, but in 2017, perhaps this will become a common phenomenon. DFJ’s senior assistant Jocelyn Kinsey said that the combination of artificial intelligence and health care has been more mature, just waiting for them to be able to spread out a large area of clinics online.

Rivet Ventures management partner Shadi Mehraein artificial intelligence in addition to other fields of medicine has been extended to express optimism, these areas include education and business, etc.. She said: "people in the mobile phone search, will be more use of voice and image,"

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