Ma Lake lecture entrepreneurs should have faith and feelings

sina science and technology news on March 27th morning news, lakeside University second opening ceremony held today in Hangzhou. The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, the first Lake University President Ma Yun said in his speech at the opening, the lake mission of the university is in the new commercial civilization era, discovery and training of entrepreneurs. More than a decade ago, Alibaba has a vision, that is, thirty years later, China’s top 500, there are 200 CEO from the Alibaba group system, today’s mission to the lake university. In the next twenty years, in the past thirty years, China’s economy, the top ten, there must be a few of us have a relationship here, the future of China’s top 500, at least 200 of the CEO has a relationship with our lakeside college."


Ma Yun: entrepreneurs should have a sense of faith to have a global vision

Ma Yun said, the lakeside universities with MBA there is a big difference, we do not teach you how to succeed, we tell you how others failed, all the cases are in failure, but is not a failure, the training point is not the same.

so we hope that we learn a little how others fail, how others make mistakes, others in this error is how to live.

he hoped that the University of the lake to form a culture, so that each enterprise live long, live long, Chinese enterprises to live for more than thirty years is very small, and the vision is to do lakeside University for three hundred years.

duties for the University of the lake, Ma said, is to find entrepreneurs, training entrepreneurs, so that enterprises live longer. "Today we not train you how to start, how we want the business to make you live longer, and in the lakeside universities is not the cultivation of large enterprises, we cultivate good enterprises and enterprises such as people, people want to live well, be happy and be comfortable to live long, healthy."

for the students, Ma hopes the future development of the lake school students with a global vision. In his opinion, tell you what is the enterprise globalization, global enterprise, many people believe that international school, but he do not want to do is to international schools, international schools, will not speak English internationalization. "Business abroad, is not equal to you is an international enterprise, I have to invest in overseas, I have plants in overseas, that international enterprises,. The meaning of internationalization is to have international vision, international vision, the international value system, to create value for the local."

in addition, he also hoped that the University of lakeside entrepreneurs have a future, each of us Chinese people have their own beliefs, because only the faith, the spirit of awe. Each entrepreneur must have faith, because you have faith, you will not be tempted, do you have anyone is the strategy, the strategy is not anyone without faith, but without faith is lost. (Zhang Jun)

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